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[Record your list of Life's blessings — your goodly heritage!]
Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs) by Merrill Boudreaux
for the Christian Science Bible Lesson:
for July 15-21, 2013

PSST: Golden Text:   What is the record or evidence that God has dealt and will deal bountifully with thee/you?  Begin with an attitude of gratitude.  Ask students to record their list of individual blessings.

PSST:  Responsive Reading:  What are the blessings recorded in the Responsive Reading?  What does it mean, “The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places”?  Look to the second part of that sentence, “yea I have a goodly heritage” for an answer.  Help students understand the difference between heredity and heritage.

     See Science & Health 228:7-10; 178:8 Heredity (only)

     See S&H 228:11-13 It; 315:16-20

     What path will you choose?  See Isaiah 30:21.

PSST:  Section 1:  How did God deal bountifully with Abram? 
Why is that important to you and to us?  See John 8:33; Malachi 2:10; Genesis 13:8.

Do you look to idols, material or physical evidence, to tell you who you are, or do you look to the Christ (God with us) to tell you of your bounty?  CItation B-5 and Isa.45:22.

PSST:  Section 2:  From where does your bountiful happiness come?  Citation B-7 and S&H 57:18-19 and 60:29-31.

What bounty does the understanding of God as Life and Love yield?  Citation S-11.

PSST:  Section 3:  Because of your heritage, God has given you bounty and work to do.  What is it?  (B-10)  What does dominion mean?  See a definition of stewardship for a closer understanding.  Read all of citations B-12 and S-14.  Please ask students to memorize in citation S-14 lines 16-19.

PSST:  Section 4:  From where did Jesus get his authority and power, stated and used in citation B-14?  How can you use that same authority?  Read and memorize citation S-18.

PSST:  Section 5:  Why should you follow Christ Jesus?  (B-15, B-16)  By following Christ Jesus, what will you have abundantly?  (B-16)  What is a centurion?  A military officer with 100 soldiers under him.  He has command of them all.  Are there 100 thoughts over which you have control?  God has bountifully given you control of your thinking.  What is the result?  (S-19)

See again Citation B-16.

PSST:  Section 6:  To what do you think the mountain in citationB-19 refers?  Regardless of the size of the negative thought God has already given you the abundant bountiful truth to counter it.  Speak with the voice of God in citation S-20.  You are an oracle of God.  What is an oracle?  See S&H 84:11-13 for a hint.

You therefore can speak to disease, sin, or sickness with the same authority Jesus had.  (S-24, S-25)  Do you desire harmony in your life?  That is your natural state.  Use it as in citation S-27.  Read together Hymn 86 from the Christian Science Hymnal as further evidence of how God deals bountifully with you, even when it appears God is invisible to you.


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