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[PSST: Put Mind’s wisdom and might above all else. Become childlike. Begin with Mind.]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

for August 25, 2019

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST Golden Text (GT):
How are we taught of God?
When we are taught of God, what are we learning?
How does it change our approach to others to understand that everyone is taught of God? What is great peace and how do we obtain it?

PSST Responsive Reading (RR):
Do we need to earn the wisdom that comes from God?
Does He ask us to deserve the knowledge and understanding that comes from Him?
Why is wisdom the principal thing? How does wisdom connect or lead to understanding, or judgment, or every good path?
What is wisdom and where does it come from?
What should we do with our works, and what happens to our thoughts?

PSST Section 1:
Who teaches like God? Why is Her wisdom blessed?
Do we as children of God truly respect and adore and value the wisdom available to us by listening to God, good, Love, Life, Spirit?
Why should we respect the wisdom of Truth?
What are the benefits of listening to Principle?
Why should we let Soul’s light and Mind’s truth lead us?
What happens when we understand that not only are we, but everyone of God’s children is lead by light and truth?

PSST Section 2:
Is there anyone or thing “beside” God? Why does the answer to this question matter so much? How fully do your students, you, all of us fully understand the importance of putting Mind’s wisdom and might above all else?
How clearly can we hear His voice? How clearly can everyone else hear Her voice?
Father Mother God – how often and how understandably is He/She speaking to each of us, every day?
How frequently can we lean on God in the way that Moses did?

PSST Section 3:
Why is it important to understand the way of God’s law?
What does it mean to observe Love’s law with our whole heart?
Why is that worth our time and energy – amidst a full and busy day, to be sure that we are constantly considering, contemplating, cherishing, and caring about the law of Soul and its place in our lives?
What is the result of demonstrating Mind’s law in all that we do?
How does Mind’s law impact our own daily lives – in school, at work, in families, in relationships, in sports, in our performances of every kind?

PSST Section 4:
Do your students turn always to God to guide them?
Who do we turn to most regularly to guide us?
How do we hear the voice of Mind when we must learn something new, or navigate unfamiliar waters?
What is the moral and spiritual law that we must be obedient to?
How do we learn the value of obedience to this law? (Consider assigning Mary Baker Eddy’s address on “Obedience” found on p. 116 of Miscellaneous Writings: “Address before the Christian Scientist Association of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, in 1893

SUBJECT: “Obedience”).
How does becoming childlike help us?

PSST Section 5:
What does it mean to be causative? Which is causative, mortal mind or immortal Mind?
Why is this distinction so important to establish?
What are academics of the “right sort”?
How do we know that our approach to learning is appropriate?
What is the result of the command “Let there be light”?
What is the source of that light?
Why is it so critical to begin with Mind in our logical conclusions?
What happens when we begin with matter?
How does beginning with Mind remedy this error?

PSST Section 6:
Must we make wisdom appear in us? Must we add to ourselves the fruits of Mind?
Look at the words “let” and “be” in this section; what do they imply about wisdom, perfection, comfort?
Look further at the term “unfold” and how it is used both here and elsewhere in Scientific writings.
Why is that term, unfold, so precisely used in these contexts?
How will you and your students demonstrate wisdom each day of the coming year?

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