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[PSST: Prepare to freely receive wondrous things! (1) Avoid building on false foundations (4)]

Possible Sunday School Topics from CedarS for the Christian Science Bible lesson on

“Is the Universe including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”

for Sunday, June 23, 2019

By Steve Henn, C.S.

PSST Golden Text:

Does Mind need us to build a house for her?
Why do people build houses for God?
Do you ever feel like you need to do something to bring Soul or Spirit closer to you? What is the best way to do this?

PSST Responsive Reading:

What does it mean to be God’s witness? What are we witness to?

What does it mean that there is no god beside God?
Can any other power claim the ability to create what Principle has created?
Why does all of this result in us not being afraid?

PSST Section 1:

Does Life only do wondrous things? [B2, Ps. 72:18]
What are the wondrous things your students have witnessed in the past week?
Do your students know “the things that are freely given” to them on a daily basis?
[B3, I Cor. 2:12])
What are those things? How can we best prepare to receive them?
What does it mean to be obedient to Mind? [S4, 295:6]

PSST Section 2:

Do your students praise God? How often?
How often should we think about praising God? What does it look like to do so?
How does our faith connect to our praise of God?
How does faith connect to substance?

What truly is substantial? How do we know? [S9, 278:30]

PSST Section 3:

What does it mean that what God does is forever? [B6, Eccl. 3:14]
Why can nothing be put to or taken away from whatever Truth creates? [B6]
Why is it that David is anointed above his elder brothers? [B8, I Sam. 16:1-12]
What qualities did David express in his youth?
How can we learn from those qualities in our daily lives?
How is it that “Being possesses its qualities before they are perceived humanly”? [B12, 247:19]

PSST Section 4:

How do your students feel about the world?
What would it take for them to stop loving the world or the things in it? [B10, I John 2:15]
Why is the spirit so much more valuable than the flesh?
What are the true foundations we can build confidently on?
How do we avoid building on false foundations? [S16, 201:7]
What are we to build, and how can we be sure to begin rightly?

PSST Section 5:

How confident are we in the message of the Christ?
Would we go our own way, trusting that healing had occurred even before we saw material evidence of it?
What does it mean to “look deep into realism”? [S25, 129:22]
How often do we accept outward appearances? [S25, 129:22]
How can we practice looking past those to the inner depths of reality?

PSST Section 6:

What does it take to have our eyes opened? [B15, Ps. 19:18]
What wondrous things come out of God’s law? [B15]
Do your students understand the difference between temporal and eternal?
Why does reality rest on things eternal and reject temporal things?
Do your students believe that no sorrow, death, crying will be in the New Jerusalem? [B17, Rev. 21:1-5] What would it look like to bring that reality to right now?
What is the difference between “human history” and “spiritual development”? [S29, 547:25]
How can your students become cognizant only of the things of God? [S32, 66:9]
How can you help them see that it is not possible for them to be aware of anything else?

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