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PSST: Practice refusing the evil & choosing the good to “bring every (NOT every other) thought to the obedience of Christ” [1, 2]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on
 “Christ Jesus”
for classes on February 27, 2022

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.

What “signs following” is Jesus talking about here?
What signs have your students witnessed?
What signs do they expect to witness as they learn about and follow the teachings of Christ?
What does it mean to do something in Christ’s name? Why is his name so important/powerful?

What does it mean when Jesus is described as “doing good”?
What “good” are your students witnessing, and performing on a daily/weekly basis?
How far does Christ’s power extend?
His disciples were able to command evil spirits; do his teachings extend beyond them?
How directly does the command to heal, cleanse, raise and cast out relate to your students?
How can these commands be seen as a blessing and an opportunity, rather than a harsh demand?

SECTION 1 PSSTs: Do your students know how to “refuse the evil & choose the good”? B1/Isa 7:15
What specific tools do they use to discern between good and evil?
How does Jesus being tempted of the devil guide us to know what is good and what is evil?
How did Simon and Andrew know that dropping their nets was the wise and best thing to do when they were called by Christ?
Are we as ready to drop our focus on the material when Christ calls us to a different path?

SECTION 2 PSSTs: What does it mean to “bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”? cit. B5/2 Cor. 10:5
How does this help us to discern between the good and evil?
What rules does Jesus break?
He follows God’s law scientifically, but he also breaks a number of seemingly sacred rules of the time – how does Jesus determine which rules are to be broken?
What rules are we called to follow that we can challenge – and how do we retain our integrity of following Principle and Truth while challenging something that seems like a sacred rule of our time?

SECTION 3 PSSTs: How do “tenderness and might” coexist in Spirit? cit. S16/514:18
How is Jesus’ rebuke both fearful and at the same time supremely loving?
What is it that the Lord God is overturning?
What is it that Jesus was overturning in the temple of God?
Are there any attractions or practices that we need to be willing to either overturn in our lives – or to call out in a friend’s life to help her grow closer to God?

SECTION 4 PSSTs: How do your students talk about Christian Science with their peers who are not studying Christian Science?
What does it mean for us to understand Science rather than just believe its teachings?
How does understanding help us to share Christian Science with others unfamiliar with Christian Science?
How can we be sure all of our actions and thoughts are governed by God?
How does this help us to see and bear witness to God’s glory in front of all Her children?

SECTION 5 PSSTs: What is prayer? What is fasting? How do your students practice these? B13/Matt. 17:21
How do prayer and fasting lead to grace and healing?
How does the compassion Jesus felt for others relate to his ability to heal them?
How do we obtain the true consciousness of Life and Love? How does this help us to remove all fear?

SECTION 6 PSSTs: How can they daily see signs of Christ’s teachings & God’s creation? B15/Mark 16:20
What signs follow after Christ’s teachings?
What signs have your students been witness to in their lives?
If Christian Science is not filled with traditions, what is it?
How does it defy creed or ritual, and why are those worthy of being defied?
Have your students done their duty and privilege this week?
How have they followed in some degree Jesus’ example?
How have they demonstrated Truth, Life, health and holiness?


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