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[PSST: Open the eyes of your heart to Christian Science…
the revelation of Divine Science, the Holy Ghost, or Comforter]

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Christian Science” for Sunday, 6-30-13

By Tom and Amy Evans, St. Louis, Missouri
[Amy and Tom have been CedarS Staff Development Directors & work at The Principia School.]

PSST Golden Text and Responsive Reading:
Try substituting “Christian Science” for “Holy Ghost” is the Golden Text and in this whole lesson. God’s love is proclaimed in our hearts.  The Golden Text uses the phrase “shed abroad in our hearts.” The original Greek word ἐκκέχυται means “has been poured out.”  So, God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through Christian Science/ the Holy Ghost / Divine Science.  
Consider Psalms 119 in the Responsive Reading and the way the speaker “observes [God’s law] with [her/his] whole heart,” asks to be “quicken[ed]” in God’s way, seeks God’s precepts, and is not ashamed to “speak of [God’s] testimonies also before kings.”
Are those necessary qualities to be an effective healer, receptive to the Holy Ghost?

Last week’s lesson on the subject of “Is the Universe Including Man Evolved by Atomic Force?” included the following passage from Job 42:5, “I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, But now my eye sees You.” That lesson worked to see the spiritual reality of creation, rather than the material farce presented to the mortal picture. This week’s lesson is the final installment of the 26 subjects repeated twice each year in the Christian Science Bible Lessons. This week’s lesson, “Christian Science,” compares “spiritual things with spiritual.” Thus, we reason spiritually from a scientific basis this week. Cool!

PSST Section 1—Divine Laws
This is a wonderful story about recognizing the spiritual Truth which is already present.  Elisha didn’t change anything.  He simply helped his servant witness the reality of their seemingly hopeless situation.  Discuss this idea.  Does your class know the story?  Check out this video made at CedarS this summer by clicking on “Elisha and the Peaceful End to War.”

Can you see the connection between the story of Elisha and his servant’s revelation (B2) with divine Science or divine Law?  Just as we each discover the divine laws as Mrs. Eddy did (S4), the eyes of Elisha’s servants were opened (B2) to witness God’s ever-present protection. 

S4: Have a student use a dictionary (or dictionary app on their smartphone) and look up the word “apodictical.” What is an apodictical Principle? How does the adjective “apodictical” (Undeniable, certain, unquestionably provable, as defined in myBibleLesson) describe Christian Science?
Mrs. Eddy talks about how God was “graciously preparing” her for the discovery of Christian Science. Talk about the ways that she was prepared. What kinds of challenges did she face (illness, widowhood, loss of child, abandonment)?
Are we grateful for the challenges that we go through? Do we recognize that they are drawing us closer to God as we work through them in prayer?
In citation S5, Mrs. Eddy refers to Christian Science as the “immutable law of God”.
How would you define Christian Science?

PSST Section 2 – Spiritual Causation (B6, S10) and Demonstration (B5, B10, S7, S9)
Citation B5 is the precursor to the Sermon on the Mount.  It prepares the reader for what many people consider Jesus’ most important sermon.  This passage from Matthew 4 tells us that the healing Truth once witnessed and applied by the prophets was present once again in Jesus’ time.  This lesson reminds us that Divine Science is here, now (as it always has been).
Discuss the applicability of Christian Science.

B7: There are many natural Christian Scientists out there.  What is a natural Christian Scientist? Often people who are new to Christian Science say they have always thought of God in a certain way and Christian Science just made sense to them.  
How are you reaching out to natural Scientists?  
Jesus directs his disciples to “eat such things as are set before” them.  This suggests the breaking of kosher laws.  
Are you willing to let go of your own food or dietary “laws”, to let go of the letter and imbibe the Spirit, knowing that you are protected?

Do you agree with citation S6? How so?
Look at citation S7 and Mrs. Eddy’s definition of Jesus’ Christianity.  How does this help us get past societal norms to witness the Truth?
Discuss what it means to “plunge beneath the material surface of things” (S8).
Why does this set Jesus apart?
What is Mrs. Eddy talking about in her discussion of spiritual causation (S10)?
How are you ready to touch Truth’s garment?

PSST Section 3 – Christian Science’s Leavening Effect
Why was it that the woman “hid” the leaven instead of mixing or blending it into the flour for bread (B10)? This small amount does a great deal to lift the rest of the ingredients.
See citation S11 to think more about Truth (or CS) hiding and being hidden. Talk about this in relation to the kingdom of heaven. For older classes: To look more closely at the parable, continue reading past the citation to Matthew 13:36-43.
Look at citations S12 and S13 with a leavening effect in mind.
Discuss citation S13 where Mrs. Eddy refers to a “change of base”.  What kinds of changes in thought are necessary in order to witness healing? Was this what happened in citation S14? This was an instantaneous healing.  Why did the healing occur when Mrs. Eddy’s thought leavened the situation?
Look at citation S15 to think more about the restoration of harmony. Note that Mrs. Eddy refers to “apparent discord”, not actual discord. Was there ever a lapse in harmony? (Hint: NO!)

PSST Section 4— Christian Science: The Comforter / The Holy Ghost / Divine Science & Healing
What examples does Jesus give of God’s existence and knowing God?  
What is our connection to God? Discuss the Comforter how is it “in” us?
How do we learn from this Comforter?
Look at citation B11, John 14:26.  What are the “promises” to be fulfilled in citation S16?
Think: parables, witnessing the kingdom of heaven, healing like Jesus, another Comforter.

Citation S18 is found in the preface of Science and Health.  Imagine you are reading S&H for the first time.  This is one of the first things you’d read.  Isn’t it eye-opening?  This is Mrs. Eddy telling her readers why to read Science and Health—it heals!  Where does Mrs. Eddy refer to the Comforter here?  Hint: “God with us”.  Is that like the leaven “ever present in human consciousness”?  Are Christian Science and Divine Science the same thing?

PSST Section 5—Scientific, Heartfelt prayer: God is the Healer
How does God’s dominion endure through all generations (B12)?
What does it mean to be righteous (B14 and S19)?
What is “fervent prayer” (B14 and S20)?

Do you agree with citation S19?  What can’t God do? Make a list. It probably includes sinful acts: steal, lie, cheat, etc… These are all things that we shouldn’t even attempt.
Why do you think Mrs. Eddy said that what we most need is the “prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace” (S20)? Is this what you regularly pray for? How can you express growth in grace? Give an example of how you’ve done this.

Discuss the “higher mission of the Christ-power” removing sin from the world (S21). Is that how you think about Christian Science, your prayers, everything?
How are you working to destroy sin through your prayers?
Look at citation S22 and discuss the practicality of Christian Science to meet every need.

PSST Section 6—Disciples come in all shapes and sizes
What happened in citation B16? Who was Cornelius (gentile, Roman)? Why was he meeting with Peter? Go back and read Acts 10 for more backstory.  Remember that Peter was a well-known healer at this time.  Cornelius bows down to him upon Peter’s arrival but Peter stops him.  We don’t worship great healers of our time (practitioners, teachers, lecturers, people of other denominations, etc.), do we? Think about the big message Peter shares with Cornelius about how God accepts everyone. Why is this important to recognize? Who is able to practice Christian Science and heal? Are there any prerequisites? Important backgrounds? Family history?
What does it mean to have the Holy Ghost fall on you? This idea from Acts 10:44 is a favorite blessing in many Christian churches. “Holy Ghost, fall fresh on us!”

Who is a disciple (S23)? Look at citation S24’s description of Love.
How does this apply to Peter and Cornelius? The still, small voice of Truth is often compared to one’s conscience.

How is Truth’s small voice powerful like the roar of a lion in citation S25 (Hint: It is clear, and apodictical—undeniable see section 1, S4)? What is a “standard” (S26)? A standard is a banner marching in a battle proclaiming your country’s coat of arms/flag/colors.

This weekend CedarS is hosting its annual “Freedom Talk” in celebration of America’s Independence Day on July 4th. There will be bar-b-q’s, a parade, a carnival, and of course, fireworks! But CedarS’ freedom celebration is about spiritual freedom, not just July 4th, 1776. Discuss the “glorious liberty of the children of God.” What does this have to do with freedom? Why is spiritual freedom a right? 

PSST Section 7 – Christian Science, the unspeakable gift, and its bountiful fruits
How are you grateful for God’s “unspeakable gift” (B19)? What is this gift?
What are some ways to rejoice in God’s kingdom (B21)?

S28: Discuss the “fruits” and eventual “harvest” of Christian Science.
Mrs. Eddy writes that divine Principle, Love is “underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being” (S29). What else is there? (Nothing) How have you felt and witnessed this divine Principle, Love?
How are we subject to the divine “powers that be” (S30)?

Think about the Holy Ghost as the divine “powers that be” at the end of the lesson.  Wow.  This Holy Ghost is the divine power that heals. It is the “Science of being.” We are not subject to ghosts of heredity, pain, and suffering. No. We are subject to the Holy Ghost. Christian Science, the Holy Ghost is the laws of the universe which we are governed by and need only to recognize them like Elisha’s servant.

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