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[PSST— Merry Christmas! Accept the allness of All! (GT) Rejoice (esp.) in great adversity! (6)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for December 22, 2019

By Steve Henn, C.S. steven.henn@gmail.com

PSST Subject –
Do your students understand that this is a question?
What is this question actually asking? Have them look up each word & understand its meaning.
Why is this question relevant? Breaking this question down from the start will help to ensure that you are all working from the same basis from the start of this lesson.

PSST Golden Text (GT) –
All – what does it mean?
Do your students understand and accept the allness of All?
What “things” would your students like to bring to God?
Are any of them not possible to God?
How do we grow in our understanding of the word “all” and apply it to our daily lives?

PSST Responsive Reading –
What is the open door that is set before us? Open unto what? What happens when we walk through it? Look up “Christ’s open door” in the hymnal. What does that teach you?

What is the purpose of raising, flattening, straightening and making plain all the land?
What does it symbolize in our own daily experiences?

PSST Section 1 –
Where do might and power come from?
How do we know we are relying on true might & power rather than human will & mortal effort?
What does God save us from? Why do we need a savior?
What are the works of God? How do we see them today?
What works have your students seen – can you bring evidence of God’s works to Sunday School?
Can your students be assigned to keep on the lookout for God’s works all this coming week?

How are the miracles/signs/wonders of the Bible connected to Science – the basis of man and immortality being Spirit?
What purpose do these wonders and signs serve to the modern Christian Scientist?

PSST Section 2 –

What do covering and protection look like to your students?

Do they need to be under God’s wing?

How can they feel this protection?

How does protection relate to Mary & Joseph’s discovery that she is with child of the Holy Spirit?

What role do both Mary and Joseph play in protecting the Christ idea?

Are your students as ready to answer the door at which practical Christianity is knocking?

PSST Section 3 –

Why did the angels visit shepherds on the night of Jesus’ birth?

Why was Jesus laid in a manger when he was born? What is the significance of these two central details to the story of Jesus’ birth?

How quickly do the shepherds move once they hear God’s message?

What did the shepherds do with the good word once they had seen the baby Jesus?

Did they keep it to themselves?

How do we listen for God’s direction – are we like shepherds, do we start from humble beginnings and listen?

What do we do once we’ve heard God’s message?

Do we respond the way the shepherds did?

And once we see God’s good in action – do we spread it abroad?

PSST Section 4 –

Why can we trust God?

How does this trust relate to the evolution of the universe?

How does Joseph respond to God’s commands, both to leave Israel and to return?

Does he protest?

How often do we protest our inspiration?

PSST Section 5 –

Where does God’s great power lie?

Does She let it go unused?

How active is God? What authority is there behind the superiority of spiritual power?

How do we access this great and generous power?

Where would your students like to walk? Why?

Where can or should we want to walk?

What is the most productive place or direction for our footsteps to go?

How do we act as possessing all power?

PSST Section 6 –

Why do we rejoice? What do we have to rejoice?

What happens if we are faced with great adversity?

Can we still rejoice then? To what end – what is the benefit of rejoicing?

What must we know from this lesson that allows us to rejoice?

What is everlastingly due God’s holy name?

What is it that enables us to demonstrate healing?

How does all of this help us to answer the central question from the beginning – is the universe evolved by atomic force?

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