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[PSST: Look deep with Soul’s Love-light past surface self and appearances!]
ossible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for February 12-18, 2018

prepared by Merrill Boudreaux, C.S.
pegasus6524@gmail.com 314-308-1059

P.S.S.T. Golden Text – Let’s jump right in. Ask students to make a list of good going on in their lives. From where does this good come? What does “…lift up the light of Your countenance upon us” mean to you? Countenance may be likened to God’s face seen in us and all who are around us. This is a powerful message worthy of our consideration. Do you look at yourself and others with a surface view or do you look deep into each one? See Science & Health 129:22-24.

P.S.S.T. Responsive Reading – What did Elijah** see when he looked at the surface of things versus when he looked deeper? Which of these views was accurate? What is the lesson for us? Sometimes individuals speak of looking at someone deeply and seeing their soul, or looking into their soul. Sometimes the eyes are likened to being windows into the soul. Look to Mary Baker Eddy’s response to the question “What are body and Soul?” in S&H 477:19-26. [**Download Elijah poem (upper right, online) and find this line: “My fears fall away, for a voice sure yet small Says clearly within me. “Fear not. God is All”.]

P.S.S.T. Section 1 – Does God hear our prayers? (B1 and B2) What is the prayer that Mary Baker Eddy declared is the “prayer which covers all human needs”? (S&H 16:9-11) What are the two powerful words that begin this prayer? “Our Father”. Who is therefore left out when praying? See Miscellany 210:1-11. How were the children of Israel benefitted because Moses looked deeper into things, like the bush that burned, but was not consumed? What message does God/Good have for you in citation B5? Pause for a few moments and quietly ponder that message and what it means for you specifically and for all with whom you come in contact or your thoughts rest upon.

P.S.S.T. Section 2 – What is the natural demeanor of your countenance when you embrace the truths shared so far in this Lesson? From where does the light come that is showing forth in you? Ask students to share how they feel when they understand a new concept or they “get it” when conquering a new challenge academically or athletically or solidifying a new friendship? See S&H 249:6-9 (“Let us feel”).

P.S.S.T. Section 3 – What is at the heart and soul of Soul? It is love. (S18) See also S&H 454:17. Follow this with reading together citations S15 and S18.

P.S.S.T. Section 4 – When the man in citation B17 asked Jesus to look on his son, what do you think he was actually asking Jesus to do? To look at his physical condition or to look and see Soul’s expression? Ask students to memorize S&H 476:32. How did this man know this is what Jesus would do? What was there about Jesus that caused the man to reach out to him? We may call it the Christ. See Mrs. Eddy’s definition of Christ in S&H 583:10. See also S&H 473:10-12. Could you say that Jesus was filled with the Christ or that he reflected Soul so completely that others were naturally drawn to him? Can the same be said of you, of us? Read together citation S23. You are indeed capable of this great good work.

P.S.S.T. Section 5 – The Lesson can be summed up in citation S31: “Man is the expression of Soul.” What does our Leader tell us in citation S29, S&H 574:25-3? Ask students to state this passage in their own words. Read together Hymn 1 from the Christian Science Hymnal (printed below).


Hymn 1

Be Thou, O God, exalted high;

And as Thy glory fills the sky,

So let it be on earth displayed,

Till Thou art here and now obeyed.

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