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[PSST: Live to give! Your substance will multiply!]
ossible Sunday School Topics (PSST) for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

September 13, 2015 on

Prepared by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon
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PSST—Golden Text (GT) and Responsive Reading (RR): What tries to keep you from giving? How have you overcome that fear? What if you don't feel like you have enough, to give: where do you draw from? Have you ever experienced this bountifulness of God?

Here's a lovely daily lift related to the GT:

PSST—Section 1: Is it really realistic to take no thought for what we'll eat or drink (B4)? Have you ever seen an expression of manna in your life? How do you know you can trust God to supply all your needs? What is truly substantial to you? How does that line up with what Mary Baker Eddy says about substance in citation S2?

PSST—Section 2: How do you go about 'choosing Life' in your daily walk (B5)? Is this choice a one-time thing or is it a daily or even moment by moment choice? What helps you make the right choice? How do you start fresh again, or correct your course, if it turns out you've been making the wrong choices? What does substance have to do with these choices – isn't substance a constant no matter what?

Here's one way I experienced this choice; even if the specific experience doesn't relate, is there anything here that speaks to you and your class?

PSST—Section 3: is the parable in citation B10 strictly metaphorical, or is it also possible to take it literally when considering fair wage and labor laws, and when considering how people treat each other? Why is it okay that everyone was paid the same amount? Have you ever experienced anything like this? What role does fairness play in God's kingdom? Is fairness the same thing as justice? Why is this consideration of justice related to substance?

PSST—Section 4: How do we know what we should be asking for? Why doesn't God just give us everything we ask for? What qualities do you think Peter and John saw in the begging man in citation B13? What does this healing have to do with substance?

PSST—Section 5: When good harvests come, like in citation B15, how can you trust that it's not a once in a lifetime thing? How can you trust the permanence of God's expression and bounty? Should we plan for bad days and figure out how to work around them, or do we just expect good all the time? How can we really give effectively if we're not already completely squared away? How perfect do you need to be before you can give effectively and successfully?

Thank you for your love for our world of Sunday School classes and your communities in general, welcoming the seeking and the stranger as well as the settled and the consistent. Your work, preparation and love is needed, valued and known.

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