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[PSST: Live Christian Science—the light of Christ in your experience!]
Possible Sunday School Topics
 for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

Christian Science” for Sunday, 12-29-13

By Tom and Amy Evans, St. Louis, Missouri
[Amy and Tom have been CedarS Staff Development Directors & work at The Principia School.]

Mrs. Eddy organized the 26 subjects of the Christian Science Bible Lesson so that each year ends with the subject "Christian Science".
As Sunday School students, you most likely have already read the nativity story before, and can summarize it. In fact, last week's lesson also included Jesus’ birth. Thinking about all that Jesus did by expressing the Christ in his life and ministry, what can we gain from this week's lesson and for the rest of the year by living the Christ and by welcoming in the Christ light?

PSST for Golden Text and Responsive Reading
The Golden Text looks at the Christ light or understanding.
Tom’s mom likes to say, "the gratitude of Thanksgiving opens our thought to receive the Christ at Christmas time and readies us to go forth into the new year of progress." How are you prepared / preparing for the New Year? How does the light of Christ revolutionize our understanding of God? There are so many references to “light” in the lesson this week. Make your students aware of this. How is Christian Science like a light to humanity and to us as disciples of Christ?

PSST for Section 1: The introduction of the Christ more clearly to human thought.
Look at citation S2. Mary, “the Virgin-mother” understood that God is the only author of man. How does Christian Science help us see our divine origin (it teaches that God is our Father-Mother)? How does such an understanding relate to the Christ-light shining referred to in the Golden Text and Responsive Reading?

PSST for Section 2: Jesus healed through the Christ.
Citation S6 introduces the great need for an explanation of Jesus’ healing method (“This rule remained to be discovered in Christian Science”).  Citations S7, S8, and S9 present Mrs. Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science and its importance.  Discuss this concept of the role of Christian Science and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in our lives, in the Christian Science Church, and as the Comforter for all of humanity. This may take a while.

PSST for Section 3: The revelation of Science and Health
This section describes Mrs. Eddy’s revelation of the Christ message through her watching and diligent prayer and gives directions on how to develop our understanding of Christian Science.  See citation  S14 and S15… "study it, ponder it."  Why is it important to follow these instructions?
How does the manning of watchtowers and listening for the master’s instructions vigilantly in citation B10 compare with the application and study of Science and Health in section 3 (listen and be ready to do the work when the time comes)?  Similarly in citation S11, Mrs. Eddy describes her discovery “through divine revelation”.  Notice also in citations S11 and S12 that the lesson compares Science and Health to the babe in her experience: “Unto us a child is born,…and his name shall be called Wonderful.” That [and having Christmas fall this Wednesday] is why the nativity story is repeated for a second week in a row.

PSST for Section 4: Is it easier to forgive sins or to heal someone who can’t walk?
Think about citation B12.  How are we being receptive to “the light of the world” or to the Christ-light? Are we following Jesus’ example?  How are we reaching out and sharing with others?  Jesus said he didn’t come to judge but to save the world.  What does that mean to you? Look at the healing of sin and sickness in citation B13 of the man lowered through the ceiling in order to reach Jesus through the crowd.  Discuss their faith, the efforts taken, and receptiveness to the Christ light.  Think about this deliverance from sin.  Is it easier to forgive sins or to heal someone who can’t walk? See citation S17 to learn what Mrs. Eddy says heals sickness and sin (“The same Principle”).  Citations S18 and S19 both discuss healing, both the promise of healing in the Bible and the greater establishment of healing in our lives.  How are you witnessing healing in your experience?

PSST for Section 5: The Christ Truth “ordains” us as disciples.
This section refers to being chosen / ordained / appointed as God’s disciples multiple times. You could even count the number of times and then discuss it. (for example in citation B14, Jesus “called” his disciples, “sent” them; B15 Jesus “ordained” them; B16 the comforter “guides” them; in S22 “spirit imparts…”; S23 the Christ “enables” us) Christian Science is the comforter that heals. What is significant to you about Jesus’ words in citations B15 and B16? Jesus chooses and appoints his own followers in citation B15. In the same way, citation B16 says the comforter will do the same. “He will guide you into all truth.” How have you felt the Comforter? What new insights about disciples and discipleship do you gain from citation S21? How are you a disciple? Look at citation S23. How are your fruits proving “what the understanding of God brings to man”?  How are you seeing Love “underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being”?

PSST for Section 6: Christian Science is dawning on humanity’s thought.
Look at citation B20. How are “grace and peace” multiplied in your life? What does this citation mean to you? What stands out to you? How is Christian Science like a light shining in a dark place?  Can you give an example of witnessing and sharing the light in school, on the athletic field, performance stage, or with friends?  This connects with citation S24 and how the “great spiritual facts of being” are shining through the darkness. How are you witnessing Christian Science lightening your path and experience? Section 6 ends with "Christian Science and Christianity are one." What is the connection between understanding, following Christian Science and following Christ as a Christian? Look back at section 5 and the way we demonstrate discipleship. How are you seeing Christian Science one with Christianity?

Look back at the Golden Text from Isaiah 60:1 “…thy light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”
Christian Science is the light of Christ in our experience. Go live it!

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