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[PSST: Relate to life everlasting here & now! (GT) Live a life filled with Christ! (4)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

“Probation after Death”

for Sunday, April 24, 2016

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

PSST on the Golden Text (GT): What is life everlasting? How does it relate to your students today? What could it be beyond a promise to live forever? How can your students relate to life everlasting here and now?

PSST on the Responsive Reading (RR): What do parents have to offer their children? What are the best qualities of parents? How does God represent the perfect image of parenting for each of us, his children? Knowing that God, Mind, only prepares the best for us, why would our Father/Mother God encourage us to get wisdom? What is that sort of wisdom made up of? And what connection can your students make between the GT and RR?

PSST on Section 1: What is death? What does it represent? What must truly die in our thought in order for us to have life eternal? What is life? What does it represent? What must truly live in our thought in order for us to have life eternal? How can we learn to tell the difference, especially when sometimes the things that we truly need to let go of seem so tempting, so enticing to hold on to? What is the real blessing of letting go of materiality and reaching out to spirituality?

PSST on Section 2: The transfiguration is a central part of Jesus ministry. What is he teaching his disciples with that experience? What further lesson can we glean from this experience? Where does individuality come from? Why is it so important to us? What is the bedrock of our individuality and how does it relate to eternal life? Is it possible that each of us, individually, has a unique and important role to play in God’s universe? How do we develop that individuality? How does Jesus demonstrate his individuality?

PSST on Section 3: Where does your students’ belief come from? Is it founded on spiritual discernment, or physical evidence? Why was Jesus’ body unchanged after the crucifixion and resurrection? What does that teach his disciples and us?

PSST on Section 4: Jesus has provided an example for us to follow. How do we make that example practical on a daily basis? What does it look like to be part of the resurrection and ascension of Christ Jesus here and now? What role do we play? How can we train ourselves to listen readily to the voice of the Christ? How do we prepare ourselves to be ready to receive Christ, Truth? Why would we want to receive Truth into our lives here and now? What are the benefits of living a life filled with Christ?

PSST on Section 5: Why do your students think Mrs. Eddy first wanted to name Christian Science, Moral Science? What role does morality play in the Science of Being? Look at citation B15 as you begin this exploration. How does our love for God and God’s love for us support us as we navigate this path of morality? Why is it better to see wisdom’s judgment-day as an ever present occurrence, rather than waiting for a final judgment? How does this play into our understanding of morality and its moment-by-moment importance in our lives?

PSST on Section 6: “Day by day the manna fell.” Daily – what does this word mean? And what are our daily duties? In concert with this final section, consider offering to your students the importance of our daily duties found in Article 8 of the Manual of the Mother Church, written by our beloved leader, Mary Baker Eddy. The Manual is as God-derived as Science and Health, how familiar are your students with what it has to say and the importance of its governing influence? How can we most rapidly progress in Science? Challenge your students to put into practice any responses they come up with to this question, and check-in with them throughout the week – have them report back to the class next week on what they tried and how it worked to bring about noticeable progress for them.

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