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[PSST: List the reasons for your joy today! (S-9 & S-10)]
Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs)
by Merrill Boudreaux

for the Christian Science Bible Lesson: “Soul” for August 12-18, 2013

PSST: Golden Text:  Ask students to make a list of the names they have for God or what they think of when they think of God.  Certainly the seven prominent synonyms will come up, but go beyond that to as exhaustive a list as possible.

PSST:  Responsive Reading & Section 1:  The Responsive Reading and Section 1 speak of God as Presence in our lives.  What are some deeds or wondrous works or beauty students see around them that speak to God as Presence here and now?

     Look to the Science & Health portion of Section 1 as hints.

PSST:  Section 2:  Ask students to list some qualities of Soul.  Example: Musicianship, dance, joy, singing, speaking or oratory.  Since “Soul has infinite resources to bless mankind,” ask students to list reasons for their own happiness and joy.  See citations S-9 and S-10 for hints.

PSST:  Section 3:  How did Saul (in the story in B-10) hear the lovingkindness of God, Soul?  What did it cause Saul to do?  Why was Paul blind as part of this experience?  What were his eyes opened to?  How was he protected and provided for?  What is blindness equated to in S-13?  What was his healing of blindness equated to in S-14?  What is real, harmony or discord?  Can Soul ever evidence itself as discord?  Which is the law of our being — discord or harmony?

PSST:  Section 4:  How can you glorify God in the body of your work?  In your life?  How did Philip glorify God in B-15?  What is the impact of harmonious thinking on your life?  What of pure thinking – what is the result?  S-21 & S-22

PSST:  Section 5:  What were the causes for rejoicing in the Bible story in B-19?  What qualities of Soul did Dorcas express in B-19?  Could Dorcas and her qualities ever be separated from Soul?  Then she could not be punished or separated from God by death.  That truth restored her to life.  S-27

     Ask students to complete this phrase with words that represent Soul and its qualities:  “God is like…………………….”

PSST:  Section 6:  What is a significant quality of Soul in S-29?  Peace.

 Ask students to write out a Christian Science prayer treatment that affirms the presence of peace and harmony as qualities of Soul.  Close the lesson with reading aloud Hymn 93 from the Christian Science Hymnal (words below).

     Peace to all — indeed!

Happy the man whose heart can rest, assured God's goodness ne'er will cease;

Each day, complete, with joy is blessed, God keepeth him in perfect peace.

God keepeth him, and God is one, One Life, forevermore the same,

One Truth unchanged while ages run; Eternal Love His holiest name.

Dwelling in Love that cannot change, From anxious fear man finds release;

No more his homeless longings range, God keepeth him in perfect peace.

In perfect peace, with tumult stilled, Enhavened where no storms arise,

There man can work what God hath willed; The joy of perfect work his prize.

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