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[PSST: "Lighten up" as an immortal child of light!]
Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs)
by Merrill Boudreaux
for the Christian Science Bible Lesson: 

“Mortals and Immortals”

for November 17, 2013

P.S.S.T.  Golden Text What are the properties or characteristics of light?  Since you are the child of the light then no darkness, uncertainty, or indecisiveness can ever be present in your experience.  [Consicer all the ways you might "Lighten up" as an immortal child of light!]  Role play, how does a child of the day act versus a child of the night?

P.S.S.T. – Responsive Reading Light is the law and must be present, always  Can the grave shut out the light?  Light reveals life eternal.  Which of the Ten Commandments lead to this light?  Perhaps they all do.

P.S.S.T. – Section 1Are there two parallel universes, one spiritual and one material?  Are there two creators and therefore two creations?  See citation S-4.  What is a counterfeit?  What must already exist before there can even be a counterfeit statement?  If truth, light, Spirit, immortality already exist before there can be a counterfeit statement then help students see by their very nature truth, light, Spirit, immortality nullify, rule out, eliminate the opposite false statements.  Why?  See Citation S-2.  What do you believe or accept as so?  Truth or error, light or darkness, Spirit or matter, immortality or mortality?

P.S.S.T. – Section 2Here is a momentous question in Citation B-6.  How are you viewing your fellow beings and the universe?  If we all have one father, what does that make us?  How then should we treat each other?  What does it mean to let your light shine?  What does a shining light reveal – what is believed to be so or what is actually so?  Imagine a closet chock full of stuff.  How easy is it to find what you are looking for in the dark or with a flashlight or headlamp in your possession?  What does S-ll tell you is the result when light is brought to bear?

P.S.S.T. – Section 3 What tools has God provided to you to strengthen and brighten your light?  Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, all of the Bible, Science & Health, Daily Lesson Sermon.  See also citation S-14.  Why are you a student?  Why do you go to school?  Why do you go to Sunday School? (S-16, S-17)  What are you willing to do so that your whole being is full of light? (S-18)  How do you arrive at this fullness of light? )B-11)  See also S&H 454:12, “Love for God and man is the true incentive in both healing and teaching.”

P.S.S.T. – Section 4 Ask students to write out a prayer asking God to open their eyes.  What is revealed to them? (S-20)  What is the difference between heredity and heritage? (S-22)  Which one darkens, enslaves, binds, constricts, then disappears when one learns of one’s true heritage?  What do you inherit from your true Father-Mother? (S-19)

P.S.S.T. – Section 5Read aloud the Bible story in citation B-22.  Discuss further the power of light versus darkness.  Can they both exist?  Can the results of both be expressed?  When does that expression occur, where? (S-26)  What is the result when man gives up his belief in death?  See citation S-27, lines 8-9.

P.S.S.T. – Section 6 What are the absolute statements in this section of the lesson?

Death is swallowed up in victory

God gives us the victory

Man is the idea of God

Man is not mortal nor material

Mortality is swallowed up in immortality


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