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[PSST: Let Spirit (not the flesh) be re-presented in you!]
PSST's for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
for week ending 8.11.13

prepared by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon – johnbiggscs@gmail.com541.316.0809

As you are preparing for, and loving, your Sunday School class this week, know that you have a global community of folks right there with you, cherishing their Sunday School class as well! It's an example of what Mary Baker Eddy talks about on pages 469-470 of Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures: "With one Father, even God, the whole family of man would be brethren…" Your brothers and sisters all over the world are joining you in cherishing Sunday School! So whether you are a first time teacher, a substitute, or a long-time teacher, let this Sunday (and every day!) overflow with the joy and confidence of being united with God and all His ideas.

One expression of that community can be found on the global Sunday School discussion forums, which you can access by going here: . This is a space to share your ideas about teaching each week, questions you may have, and certainly to enjoy browsing the inspirations of others. There's always a weekly feature about each week's Lesson (this week's is here: ) and there are many other Sunday School related topics to explore. CedarS posted their Bible story videos from the summer on these forums, too! Here is the most recent one: . Check out this space, share your ideas, and realize even a little bit more of what a wonderful global community you have.

You also have a global community of teachers and Sunday School supporters who join conference calls, offered twice a week, which are intended to support your teaching. For updates on what topics will be covered each week, go here: . This week's call, happening Thursday night at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific (USA), is a walkthrough of the online Sunday School resources provided by TMC Youth. Tuesday's call covered this as well.

And as a quick sneak preview of what's coming in this PSST, a lot of the web links I'm sharing with you were found on the 'This Week's Bible Lesson' page, in the Sunday School area of That specific page can be found here: . This page is updated every week to provide relevant resources for each week's Bible Lesson! There's also a weekly email newsletter sent out by TMC Youth which contains other resources and ideas for teaching Sunday School each week. You can sign up for that here: .

Alright, on to possible discussion ideas for this week's Lesson!

PSST — Golden Text
If this is true, what has to be true about the source of that fruit? You might enjoy drawing a tree together, and some fruit and leaves on it, and then deciding together what the tree and those fruits and leaves represent spiritually, in light of this passage.

PSST — Responsive Reading
How can you 'be as followers of God?' What might speaking to yourself, or to others, in 'psalms and hymns and spiritual songs' look like? How would you do in the school hallways, on the athletic field, in the mall, hiking by yourself? Why do it?

PSST — Section 1
Have you thought much about being God's creation…and ONLY God's creation? Are there any other influences that shaped you? It seems like it sometimes…so how do you get past that? You'll like watching this video with your Sunday School class, for a humorous look at the absurdity of a creation talking back to it's creator: . What lessons does this hold for you?

PSST — Section 2
How do we 'cease…from man, whose breath is in his nostrils'? If we are ceasing from him, that might mean that we don't pay any more attention to him, or that we're not basing our lives on him anymore. So, what is that we are ceasing from, why, and what do we pay attention to instead? If we're not matter – if S6 is true – what are we made of?

PSST — Section 3
"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." What's closing your eyes to seeing God's creation? Perhaps the actions of others are making them seem very un-Godlike. Have you considered praying to have YOUR eyes opened, instead of for a change in THEM? Check out this story with your Sunday School class, and then see if this seems realistic for whatever situations are going on for you: . And consider sharing your stories on the Radical Acts website! Here is a link for Radical Acts, the ongoing community for diving in to Jesus' teachings, hosted by TMC Youth:

PSST — Section 4
What were some of the hallmarks of this healing? Have you ever experienced any of these hallmarks before? How do you know when healing is happening? Freedom is a theme through this section; what does this freedom have to do with Spirit? Why is the superiority of spiritual power so central? (See S16) Most importantly, what does this healing, and the promises and descriptions in this section, mean for you? How can you live this freedom?

PSST — Section 5
Why did Peter start to doubt? Have you ever been in that sort of situation before? Maybe not literally walking on water, but symbolically? How did it go? Did you learn anything for next time? As a class, you might enjoy checking out this story from Radical Acts: . Then see how you can go forward for the next time you have the opportunity to walk on water! And share your story on the Radical Acts page as well!

PSST — Section 6
How do you and your students feel about that definitive statement in B19, "These signs shall follow them that believe?" Do those listed signs follow you? What are some things those signs might look like, or include? If you're not seeing those signs following you in your experience, what can you do – and how can the rest of your class support you – to see them?

PSST — Section 7
B21 says you are chosen. Is that exclusive? Are your friends who don't go to Sunday School with you, left out of God's goodness? Does walking in the Spirit mean you fulfill a certain list of human demands and expectations? How do you know if you are walking in the Spirit or not?

At the end of it all, the big question is: what does it mean for you, today, right now, to be spiritual? Is it something you are striving for, praying to get, thinking you aren't…? Or are you God's spiritual idea, now? What does that mean for you?

Enjoy this wonderful week – thank you for all you are doing for your Sunday School, church, and community! Your work is never wasted.

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