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[PSST: Let Christ waken you from temptations to return to old ways that seem safer!]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

“Christ Jesus”

for Sunday, February 28, 2016

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

PSST Golden Text (GT):
Who or what are we following? What does it mean to truly follow someone? What must you know about them? What must you do? Is this a comforting offering/invitation, or a command/declaration? How does reading it as each of these shift the meaning, feeling, tone of the Golden Text?

PSST Responsive Reading (RR):
After the crucifixion, what does it mean that the first temptation of the disciples’ human experience was to return to their former profession? How often are your students tempted to return to previous ways/experiences because they seem safer? In response to this, what does it mean for Jesus to instruct them to cast their nets on the right side? What does it look like for your students to cast their nets on the right side in their lives? What tries to separate us from our relationship with Christ, and God? How does God’s love for us overcome these separations?

PSST Section 1:
What is the great light that has been seen? How can we see that great light today? What relationship is there between the great light that was seen and the healing work that Jesus was able to perform? What is the relationship between the Christ and Jesus? Why is it important for us to get this relationship right in our understanding?

PSST Section 2:
What is the source of the healing power as demonstrated by Jesus? What does it say about his ministry that his disciples were effective healers, too? This certainly offers a promise to his disciples in Christian Science, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it also suggest a responsibility held by those who learn of this method of healing and salvation? What responsibility do we have as Christian Scientists who have received this great gift? [See Retrospection and Introspection 93:22.] How are your students already freely giving to others? What other/further opportunities do they have to freely give? Can simply knowing the truth about someone or a situation be a free giving of what we have received?

PSST Section 3:
What are the sacrifices necessary to following Christ? Do your students recognize the required sacrifices? How do they feel about them? What might those sacrifices look like today? What does it mean to deny oneself? What about sacrificing a material view of things? Can a sacrifice ever be a blessing, making our path lighter or freer? How can your students practice discipline and other character traits necessary for the practice of Christian Science? Why are these character traits important to our practice?

PSST Section 4:
What is missing from the disciples’ practice of Christ’s teachings?
Why is it that they could not heal the boy but Jesus could, and instantaneously? What can we learn from this experience ourselves? What does this section teach us about prayer? What can we do to strengthen the power and certainty of our own prayers? Continue to work with your students in this section to identify the character traits necessary for practicing Christian Science with confidence.

PSST Section 5:
What is the standard by which we are to love our brother? How does this section take the Golden Rule and second great commandment to a whole new level? And what does it look like in your students’ lives to strive towards this sort of love on a daily basis?

PSST Section 6:
How do your students define patience? How does patience fit with justice in their thought? Is it really admirable to be like Jesus in this regard? He endured the cross and did not wish anything but good on his accusers! What are the crosses in your students’ lives that they must patiently endure? Who are the accusers they must unconditionally love? How can this concept of enduring be shifted from a burden to a blessing? What role do Christ and God play in lightening the perceived heaviness of this work?

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