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[PSST: Learn in Soul to hear and see spiritually! (4)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

for Sunday, August 14, 2016 on


by Aubrey McMullin, C.S., Godfrey, Illinois
(618) 578-9407

PSST Subject: What is soul? Why does the lesson on Soul follow the lesson on Spirit? What not precede it? How do we differentiate Spirit and Soul? What is their relationship?

PSST Golden Text (GT) and Responsive Reading (RR): There seem to be a lot of directives in this week's GT and RR… Why do you think that is? What is the importance of following these directives? What are some directives from the GT and TRUTH that might be repeated in different ways throughout the lesson? What are some that seem clearly about Soul and others that might not seem so clear? Such a standard is set with the last verse of the RR. Such a promise! How do we see this promise unfolding in our activities? How are we demonstrating satisfaction, fulfillment, and goodness? What does Mrs. Eddy's poem, Satisfied, contribute to the subject of this week's lesson as well as the outline given in the GT and RR?

PSST Section 1: How many Souls are there? What do you see evidence of as you begin to see spiritually? What are you magnifying as you grow in Christian Science and Soul?
Are we grateful for the good already received? Are we magnifying God in all thought and deed? How do we experience and practice Soul in Christian Science? What are the differences between Soul and soul (SH2)? How do we demonstrate that "Soul can never reflect anything inferior to Spirit" (SH477: 24 only)? What does this mean to have a conscious and constant capacity to understand God?

PSST Section 2: Can Soul be anything other than pure and holy? Can we, as Soul's reflection, be anything other than pure and holy? How are you uplifted and purified daily? As reflection can you be like God in this passage from Habakkuk, "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity." (B4) What is our spiritual calling (B8)? There are two promises in the Science and Health portion of this section, on in citation SH8 and another in citation SH9. Can you recognize them? Also from citation SH9, the first sentence mentions that "Being is holiness, harmony, immortality." If this is the case, what is the Scientific Statement of Being? The Scientific Statement of Holiness? The Scientific Statement of Harmony? Etc.

PSST Section 3: Are you listening? Is your thought going up higher as you listen? In Mrs. Eddy's autobiography, Retrospective and Introapection on page 8-9, she has an article titled "voices not our own" that would be great for an older class to read and ponder. Have you ever had a Samuel moment where you thought someone was calling your name? How did Samuel handle it? How did Mary Baker Eddy handle it? Take a look at citation SH11 and talk about how this passage relates to both Samuel and Mary's experiences. How do we feel, rather than see, the effects of Christian Science?

PSST Section 4: Are we seeing and hearing spiritually? How is Soul expressed by man? What will you see and hear as you use the spiritual discernment and spiritual understanding of Soul? How are you upheld as Divine Love's image and likeness? What is the significance of the words all and every in citation B14? What is the significance of the words always and every in the quote by Mary Baker Eddy, “Divine love always has met and always will meet every human need." What is the definition of resolves and how does it change what you understand the purpose of citation SH16 to be? How could you use citation SH19 on a regular basis for metaphysical guidance or inspiration?

PSST Section 5: Are you witnessing healing through seeking and expressing Soul? Why is man harmonious when governed by Soul? Can man be governed by anything else? Citation SH20 reminded me of another quote of Mary Baker Eddy's. She says, "We must look where we would walk" (264). How do those quotes work together? How do they relate to Soul? Where are you looking? In citation SH24 what does vehemently mean? Did you guess? Were you right? Was there another definition that surprised you? Doing this with kind of big words can be fun for the older kids!

PSST Section 6: Are you rejoicing? What are the joys of Soul?? Are you satisfied in Soul? If God has planted you with His whole heart and whole Soul, how are you coming to fruition (B25)? What can citation SH28 provide for ourselves and others who may feel lonely, sad, unloved, discouraged in a relationship, or simply less than their best? How can we put this knowledge into practice and truly begin to understand it? Being held in Soul is an infinite blessing! It is one we experience each and every day! How are we demonstrating this oneness and beauty and omnipotence?

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