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[PSST: Learn about fixing your gaze” by looking on and for only what’s real (4)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for classes on September 27, 2020

By Steve Henn, C.S. steven.henn@gmail.com

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Golden Text (GT) from Revelation 21:1, 4:
Newness – what are the attributes of newness?
How do these attributes combat against error/evil of any kind?
How does newness reveal more to us about reality?

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Responsive Reading (RR):
Why does this Responsive Reading begin with praise?
Why is praise so important in our prayers? Do your students praise Love, Life and Truth daily? How much do your students love/praise/follow God’s law, direction, rules?
How often do they trust God with their needs and fears, prayers and life?
How does God respond to our calls for help? How can we walk before God “in the land of the living”? [Psalm 116:9]

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 1:
What does this new heaven and new earth look like? How do we see it here and now? [SH 91:1]
What are “the realities of divine Science”? [SH 298:2]
What is spiritual sense, and why is it so important for us to develop? [SH 298:13]
How does spiritual sense impact your students’ daily lives?
What are the attributes of reality? [SH 335:27]
How do your students discern what is real and what is not on a daily basis?
What does it mean that man is “the image and likeness of God”? [SH 414:26-28]

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 2:
How do your students respond to challenges? [Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, Dan. 3:14-27]
Are they ever tempted to bow down to false gods?
What are those gods and what is the threat if they do not bow down?
Is the threat something they can stand up to?
Can they declare confidence in God in the face of erroneous tyranny?
How do we impersonalize error in our rebuke of it?
How do we learn more about the universal nature of Love and God’s goodness?
How do we prepare for the fiery furnaces that error would love to threaten us with?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 3:
How does fear show up in your students’ lives? [Job 3:2, 25]

Does it have a hold in their thinking? [Job 4:1, 13-15]
How can they respond effectively to fear? [SH 410:29]
How does relying on God, Mind, Principle, help us to overcome any fears? [SH 494:19]
How does learning more about reality help us to overcome fears of all kinds? [SH 346:19]
Can your students remember a time when they were intensely alert, awake, present, alive? How does this time differ from our normal way of walking through life? [SH 128:22; 494:19]
What does this teach us about the nature of reality – and its relationship to being awake?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 4:
How powerful is healing? How natural is goodness and health?
How consistent is God’s comfort of his children? [Isa. 40:1]
What do these elements of Life teach us about reality? How can we approach our daily lives if we know that healing, goodness, and comfort are constantly present? Where does healing live? Do we ever pray to change the physical elements of our lives? [SH 230:1; 412:16-18, 23]
If we’re not praying for a physical change – what, then, must our prayers include? [SH 375:7-8]
On what should we hold our thoughts steadfastly to and fix our gaze? How does this bring healing? [261:4, 27] [W. Download an optical illusion image and work to see the young instead of the old woman in the same pic at upper right of CedarS Met online.]

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 5:
How do your students evaluate the rules surrounding them? What makes for a just and righteous law?

How did Jesus criticize laws against healing on the Sabbath? [Luke 13:10, 14, 15, 17]

How can we apply that same logic to the rules and laws we see every day?
How can we know that we are following God’s law in every instance? [SH 472:24-12]
What is the benefit/power that comes from following God’s law instead of man’s?
How often does following God’s law lead to a change in ourselves?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 6:
What evidence do we have that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here and now? [Mark 1:14,15]
What evidence is there that we’re truly following Christ’s message & teaching? [Mark 16:17, 18]
How can we translate Jesus’ examples to modern life? Where does reality lie? [186: 26, 221:1]
How connected is it to harmony? What does it take for us to lean on God fully? [SH 222:31-2]

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 7:
When is our consciousness of spiritual reality possible? [SH 573:29]
How do we become more conscious of God’s perfect, harmonious reality?
How can we share this reality with others?

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