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[PSST: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! (GT)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
for March 24, 2019

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST—Golden Text (GT):
What is? What is not? What does it mean to set your eyes on something? What problems arise when we set our eyes on things that are not? How can we be sure to keep our eyes on that which is?

PSST—Responsive Reading:
What in this world seems weak and foolish? What seems mighty and wise? How do the weak and foolish things of this world disrupt, expose, and confound the mighty and wise? Why is this a good thing? How does this teach us the true nature of God, Christ and man?

PSST—Section 1: Why does this section begin with discussing vanity? What is vanity and why should it be avoided? How does vanity relate to our subject this week: Matter? Is there ever truth or substance in matter? Take a moment to look outside the lesson at page 468 in Science and Health to explore this question a little further.

PSST—Section 2: Do your students love the world? Do they love the flesh? What is there about the world and flesh to be loved? How can they translate what they truly love into spiritual ideas, rather than false material objects? How do material beliefs make us “involuntary hypocrites”? How do we destroy false beliefs and hold to true?

PSST—Section 3: Do your students love possessions? When they imagine the future, do they imagine a life of material ease and possessions? How much trust can we put in material things? What is a more reliable way to envision life? What greater purpose can they imagine, than saving wealth for future use? How does the spirit quicken?

PSST—Section 4: How much faith do your students put in the material picture? How much power do they put into material laws? Are there elements of the material picture today that we can/must reject – the way Jesus did with the picture of the man with the withered hand? Are there laws to reject like not healing on the Sabbath?

PSST—Section 5: What are the statutes of the Lord that we need to learn? How does His law help us to behold wondrous things? What law was Jesus obeying when he fed the multitude? (Is there any significance to the leftovers?) Why does Mary Baker Eddy call them “the supposed laws of matter”? What laws do your students follow?

PSST—Section 6: What is foolish that must be forsaken? How is fearing God the beginning of wisdom? Where do your students put their faith/trust – in matter, or in Mind? How is God the source of our salvation? What can we do to wait on Love continuously? What nets does Soul lift our feet out of? How does knowing the truth make us free?

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