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[PSST: Learn to "be still" in the midst of this busy world.(RR) Keep track of healings. (2)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

Probation after Death
for Sunday, October 22, 2017

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri steven.henn@gmail.com

[Warren: Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

PSST Golden Text (GT) – What is "life eternal"? Why should we pursue it?

PSST Responsive Reading (RR) – Why is it significant that the son can do nothing of himself? How do we obtain everlasting life?
How can we "be still" in the midst of the busy world we live in?

PSST Section 1:
What is wisdom, and how does it give life to those who have it? (B1)
How do we "sing unto the Lord"? Why would someone do this? Why SHOULD we all do this more often? (B2, Psalm 13:6)
How is it that commandments and laws are lights, and reproofs (corrections) are the way of life? How do your students feel about this? (B5, Proverbs 6:20, 23)
What was Mrs. Eddy's gracious preparation? Do your students feel graciously prepared for their growth, either recent or upcoming?
What are "progression and probation" and how do they result in "universal salvation"? (S5)
What happens when we "learn that Life is God"? (B6)

PSST Section 2:
What are the works of God? Have your students seen any in the past week, or recently (the answer is yes, but help them dig for specifics)? Why must we declare them? And how does declaring the works of God help us "not die, but live"? (B8, Psalm 118: 16, 17)

What is spiritual evidence, how do we gather it, and why is it superior to material sense? (S7)
What are your students "high goals" that they can keep always before them? (S8)
Why are the belief in death and fear of death so critical? What can be done when these two are conquered? (S8)
Why does it matter that there are "thousands of instances" of healing? (S9)
Are your students keeping track of their healings/demonstrations?

PSST Section 3:
Where is the house of the Lord? What is it like to dwell there? (B9, Psalm 23: 6)
[Another great source of kid-friendly ideas is in a kid-written article about the 23rd Psalm and what each verse meant to Sunday School students. It was recommended in this week's Global Sinday School newsletter.]
Why was it so critical that Elisha see Elijah's ascension? Why is it so critical that we "see" both Elijah and Jesus' ascensions? How does this help us in our progress of dropping our mortality for immortality? (B10, II Kings 2: 1-12; S12) [Here's a link to an article about Elijah and Elisha shared in the Global Sunday School newsletter this week.]
What is man's individuality, if not material? (S14)
Why is it important to see our individuality in this way?

PSST Section 4:
What is the way Jesus marked for us? (S15)
What are the components of his example that we must embody/emulate? What happens when we do so?
Why does Mrs. Eddy emphasize is in citation S17? How does this emphasis relate to the preceding paragraph about being ready for spiritual life? (S17)

PSST Section 5:
What is the "good fight"? How do we "lay hold on eternal life"? (B20, I Timothy 6:12)
How can we "be spiritually minded"? Why do we want to? (S18)
What are the "divine powers that be"? And why should we rejoice that we are subject to them? (S21)

PSST Section 6:
Again, why does Mrs. Eddy emphasize the word is in citation S22?
Is it for the same reason as in citation S17?
What could be the difference in her purpose for making this conscious choice?
How do we "master sin and death"? (S22)
What are the "immortal facts of being" that we must admit? (S22)
Why is it important to understand man as "the offspring of Spirit"? (S23)
Where does our rest come from? (S24, 288:19)

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