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PSST: It's important today to be a Commandment- & Beatitude-based thinker! (1,3)
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for classes on January 24, 2021

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.

Golden Text Possible Sunday School Topics: What is the truth that we “shall” know?
How does the word “shall” impact the power and meaning of this statement? [John 8:32]
What conditions lead us to knowing the truth?
What is the truth that we shall know?
What is the result of knowing the truth?
How do your students define freedom in this context?

Responsive Reading Possible Sunday School Topics: What does it mean to be saved?
Who will God save? What does it mean to be saved? [Zech. 8:7]
What role do we have to play in helping our neighbors?
What do we have to pay close attention to in our own thinking, as well as in the world around us? Where does blessing happen, and what does truth have to do with any of this? (Isa. 65:16)

Section 1 Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST): Why is it so important to be a thinker today?
Why should we make a joyful noise? [citation B1, Ps. 100:1]
Why should we be happy? [cit. B2, Ps. 146:5]
What is the way of truth? How do we find it? [cit. B3, Ps. 119:10]
What does it mean to be a thinker? Why is it so important to be one, especially in our current social, national, international climate? [citation S1, vii:13-15]
What does it mean to believe without understanding?
How can we avoid that and work towards understanding?
Where does enslavement come from, and where is freedom found? [cit. S6, 381:2-4]
How does this relate to our daily experiences? [cit. S7, 225:2]

Section 2 Possible Sunday School Topics: [Learn from Moses’ overload & Jethro’s wisdom!] What was Moses doing that Jethro disapproved of? [cit. B5, Ex. 18:5-17]
Why was Jethro so concerned? [cit. B5, Ex. 18:18]
What does Jethro tell Moses to do instead? [cit. B5, Ex. 18:19-24]
What’s the lesson in this story – how can we learn from Moses’ experience & Jethro’s wisdom?
Who is the ultimate decision maker, discerner, judge, ruler? [cit. B6, Isa. 33:22]
Why is it so important to keep wisdom in the seat of Mind? [cit. S9, 465:14]
What happens if we start to think of ourselves as wise, independent of Mind or Truth?
How do laws relate to Truth? How does obedience relate to liberty? [cit. S13, 22-28]

Section 3 Possible Sunday School Topics: Define law, grace and truth with your students.
How are grace and truth similar? [cit. B7, John 1:17]
How are they different?
How do the characteristics of these ideas of grace and truth relate to the differences and similarities between Moses and Jesus? [cit. B7, John 1:17]
Have your students compare the seminal teaching of the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes? How do of the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes differ, and how are they similar?
Why are they both so essential?
[W: Click here to pledge to practice the 10 C’s and the 8 B’s (Beatitudes) after tours in Bible Lands Park. Even better resources for your class’ Manual-based, year-long curriculum can be found at: Barry Huff, another former CedarS Program Director, gives background and application ideas in separate podcasts produced by “The Mother Church” for each of the 10 Commandments, for each Beatitude, and also for each line of the Lord’s Prayer.]

How does Jesus define freedom? Where does it come from?
Where do Love and Truth lead? How about evil and error? [cit. S17, 227:19]
How do we ensure that we follow the path towards freedom? [cit. S18, 346:19]

Section 4 Possible Sunday School Topics: How long had the woman been bowed together? What do your students think was the reason for her being in this state for so long?
How did Jesus respond to the woman and her condition?
How long did it take for the woman to react; how long did it take for her bowed-ness to be lifted? How does Jesus justify his healing work to the ruler of the synagogue who tells him not to work on the sabbath?
Do your students think Jesus intentionally healed in front of the ruler on the sabbath day?
Why might he do this deliberately?
What law was he attempting to undermine, and what law was he attempting to establish?

Section 5 Possible Sunday School Topics: How did the angel of God help the apostles?
What did the apostles do among the people? [cit. B14, Acts 5:12, 14, 16]
How did the leadership of the time react to them? [cit. B14, Acts 5:17]

How did the angel of God help them? [cit. B14, Acts 5:19]
What does this teach us about law? About truth? [cit. S27, 418:20]
What does it take for Christian sermons to heal the sick? [cit. S28, 345:7]

Section 6 Possible Sunday School Topics: Where does the yoke of bondage come from?
How has Christ made us free? Free from what? [cit. B15, Gal. 5:1]
Free to do what?

Where does the yoke of bondage come from? [cit. B15, Gal. 5:1]
How does obedience relate to freedom, truth, and bondage? [cit. S30, 326:20]
How often does Truth win? [cit. S31, 380:4 (only)]

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