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PSST: “Renew” your thoughts of your body to be like God’s thought of it! (cit. B4, Rom. 12:2)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

 “Soul and Body”
for classes on May 22, 2022

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.


Who is like unto God? What is so great about God?
What reason do we have to praise Her? Why is it important to praise God every day?
Work with your students on uncovering opportunities to praise God every day this coming week, then discuss the results of daily praising God.
Review Hymn 595 as you explore this activity with your students.


How powerful is Spirit? In the experience of seeming materiality, does Spirit have any power? Are spiritual things truly substantial? What do your students put their faith into?
Where are their “hearts” when it comes to relying on Spirit/Soul or body?
How does relying on Soul actually result in a healthier, stronger, more harmonious, inspired, and effective body?

SECTION 1 PSSTs[Are we tempted to be “conformed” to the world’s body worship? cit. B4, Rom. 12:2]

What is the difference between following God and worshiping false idols?
How can we avoid being tricked into worshiping false idols when we think we are following God?
What are some of the most difficult to discern false idols that we can be tempted by?
How does following God help to both eliminate those false idols, and lead us in a more desirable path?

SECTION 2 PSSTs: [Why be handcuffed by an illusion? (citation S11, 223:3)]

How reliable is Soul [compared to the “illusion that …(we) live in the body” S11, 223:3]?
What experiences of the body have your students had that have encouraged them to look more Soul-ward?
Have you had any of those experiences, and can you share them with your students? [cit. S10, 265:23-2]
What happens when we begin to look more towards Soul for our happiness, health, freedom, inspiration, activity, decisions, rather than looking to our body or our material resources?

SECTION 3 PSSTs: How does having the Shepherd with you remove all fear of shadows? (Ps. 23:4)

How real is “darkness, and the shadow of death”? [cits. B10, B11, Psalm 107:14 and Ps. 23:4]
Have your students experienced darkness that seemed or felt very real?
What do we do in those instances?
How can we come out of darkness, especially when we seem to be in the midst of it?
Is it possible to rejoice even in that darkest moment?
What would that rejoicing look like, and how could we avoid it just feeling hollow or superficial?
How can we find true rejoicing for Soul, Love, Life in the face of seemingly real darkness?

SECTION 4 PSSTs: Why not commit to having and then sharing healings regularly?

What is the purpose of demonstrations and their resulting testimonies?
What impelled the man to reach out to Jesus? [cit. B14, John 4:46-53]
And why did Jesus listen to his request?
Did the man prove worthy of the healing his son received?
What was the impact of the healing on the whole house?
How can we have that same impact on our own houses – on our own churches?
How often do your students stand to testify to God’s greatness, either at mid-week testimony meetings, or just around the family table?
What would it look like if we all committed ourselves to having and then sharing healings regularly?

SECTION 5 PSSTs: How can we begin the demonstration of eternal Life? [cit. S29, 245:27]

How do we know Life is eternal? How can we “find this out”? [cit. S29, 245:27]
And what does it mean to “begin the demonstration thereof”? [cit. S29, 245:27]

SECTION 6 PSSTs: What’s your part in singing Soul’s omnipotent song?

What does the sweet song, “rising to heaven” sound like? [See cit. S30, 568:26]
What part do we play in singing that song?
What does beautiful music do for us, how does it make us feel?
Is it possible that Soul can cause us to feel infinitely more than music? How?



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