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[PSST: Help students see through the lie of feeling God's commandments are grievous. (RR)]

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for August 26, 2018

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST Golden Text (GT):
How do we show God that we are trusting Him? How do we increase the trust we put into God? What does it feel like to know that it is God's commandment to save us? Did we have to do anything to earn this commandment? Did we have to do anything to be worthy of it? How does knowing this is God's commandment impact the way your students approach their daily lives? Do they trust that this commandment is legitimate and relevant to them? What prevents us from feeling the closeness and practicality of this loving commandment?

PSST Responsive Reading (RR):
How does it show our love for God to keep His commandments? How does it show God's love for us that He has given us commandments to keep? Do your students ever feel like God's commandments are grievous? How can you help them to see through this limitation and lie?

PSST Section 1:
How does following God's commandments provide safety? What does obedience protect us from? How?

PSST Section 2:
How does following God's commandments lead to liberty? What freedoms do we cherish that God provides?

PSST Section 3:
How does following God's commandments teach us to triumph? What triumphs are your students yearning for?

PSST Section 4:
How does not following God's commandments ultimately lead to us relying more fully on God? What are the benefits of this growth?

PSST Section 5:
How does following God's commandments fulfill the first great commandment: to love God with all our heart, soul, mind?

PSST Section 6:
How does following God's law lead to the grace and truth of Christ? How does obedience to God's commandments teach us to be more Christ-like?

PSST Section 7:
How does following God's commandments result in blessings, life, and a true sense of home?

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