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[PSST: Help students see the path leading to ultimate freedom! (5, 6)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for January 28, 2018

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST Golden Text: What is God’s way? How do we learn it? Who (or what) can we look to as our teacher? What is God’s truth and what does it mean to walk in it? Consider the active sense of “walking” – why are we walking in God’s truth, not resting or sitting in it?

PSST Responsive Reading: What are the qualities you see in the Psalmist in these verses? Why is he so earnest? What is he looking for, and what makes his pursuit so valuable that he would speak with such urgency? Do your students feel the same urgency when looking to learn about or from God? How can we all gain this sense of just how important it is to learn about and grow closer to God?

PSST Section 1: Consider what it means to say that God is Truth – not God is honest or truthful, but God is Truth itself. Ponder that with your students and why it is so significant. What is the difference between knowing truths, like facts and “intellectual attainments” as Mrs. Eddy calls them, and Truth? What does this mean for our work in school? What is the foundation of all our wisdom, knowledge, and understanding? What are the laws that govern our experience and where do they come from?

PSST Section 2: “…no lie is of the truth” (1 John). This is a rather obvious statement in itself – but why is it so profound in our lives? If this is true, then what else must be true about our experiences? What are the subtle lies that try to get into our experience on a daily basis? How can we stand porter against them? What do we do when we find a lie lurking in our thinking?

PSST Section 3: What is grace? What is God’s grace? Christianity is credited as being unique in its inclusion of grace in the relationship between God and man. So what is it? Look for a definition, but even more than that, look for a Bible reference or dictionary to learn what exactly God’s grace includes.

Jesus calls the woman with the infirmity “a daughter of Abraham.” This is a radical claim – why is it so radical and how does it connect to the concept of grace? What makes grace so potent?

PSST Section 4: What are the “inward parts”? Why is the “hidden part” where God will teach us wisdom? Who is Abraham? Why does Jesus reference him again, when talking about Zacchæus, calling him Abraham’s son? If Jesus has referenced Abraham twice in this lesson, it likely is important for our students to know the significance of Abraham – and what it means to be a son/daughter of Abraham. Are we Abraham’s sons and daughters now?

What relationship is there between honesty, obedience, and Truth? How do honesty and obedience enter into the relationship between us and God?

PSST Section 5: What is the definition of a precept? What are God’s precepts and why is it important for us to know and understand them? How does this knowledge of precepts and truth lead to freedom? What is freedom – what does Jesus mean when he says that knowing the truth will make us free? Is it the freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want? Is that true freedom? What is true freedom? How does freedom from sickness relate to freedom from sin? Is one possible without the other?

And, ultimately, how does all of this lead to eternal life?

PSST Section 6: What are your students grateful for? How often is your class praising and giving thanksgiving for all of God’s mercies, gladness, and presence? How can we help our peers know the joy and feel the gratitude of walking in the truth? Can we feel the greatness of our efforts, even in their beginning, when progress seems or feels slow? What is the direction we are walking in? Can your students see the path leading to Life, Truth, and ultimate freedom?

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