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[PSST: Help students recognize that we have choices to make, moment by moment. (2)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“God the Only Cause and Creator”
for December 8, 2019

by Aubrey McMullin, CS, Godfrey, IL
(618) 578-9407 aubrey.mcmullin3@gmail.com

What are we celebrating in this week’s lesson? Oneness! Man’s oneness with God, and the FACT that God is the ONE cause and the ONE creator!

How do the Golden Text (GT) and Responsive Reading (RR) tie into this celebration of oneness? Take a look. In the GT, we are asked several questions: What have we heard? What do we understand? What do the “all,” “never,” and “no one” mean in the last few statements? What does the GT tell us about God and our oneness with God?

Similarly, what does the RR tell us about God, the ONLY Cause and Creator? What does it say about “my Maker”? What does God have that no one else does? What does God teach? What is man’s relation to God? If God isn’t the only, then who else?

In Section 1, I found myself asking the question, “who am I to argue with God?” God has been the ONE Creator and ONE Cause from the beginning (B1, the ONLY! SH4) and is all-knowing. Who are we to argue with God about how he made man – in His image and likeness, complete and perfect from the very beginning of creation, the only creation? How do we demonstrate that “of him, and through him, and to him, are ALL things” (B3)? Who are we to argue against God ALONE creating ALL, AND calling it good (SH1)? Are we excluded from this oneness if “the universe reflects God” (SH4)? NO! “There is but ONE creator and ONE creation” (SH4).

In Section 2, it is clear that we are being provided with an opportunity to recognize that we have a choice to make, moment by moment. Who did the people in this section’s story follow? (B5) What choice did they make regarding God being the ONLY? What choices are we making that demonstrates God’s oneness? Are we being influenced or influencing on the side of human mind or divine Mind (SH5)? Can there be more than one mind? What are we turning to for cause – mortal mind or immortal Mind (SH8)? Are we choosing to look away from matter to Mind (SH9)? How is it natural for us to turn from matter to Spirit (SH10)?

This idea of making a conscious decision is furthered in Section 3. We are faced with questions like what do we trust? What is God’s likeness? How is God’s likeness created and demonstrated? Elisha is a wonderful example of someone who was given a choice and made a conscious decision to choose God, and he took that demonstration further when he met the Shunammite woman and provided her with an opportunity to do the same. How might you have reacted had you been in her position and Elisha had told you that you would, in your age, bear a child? Are we trusting creation to a spiritual basis (SH13), allowing God to truly be “the only author of man” (SH14)? How are we turning “our gaze to the spiritual record of creation” (SH15)?

Having declared spiritual creation the ONLY creation, Section 4 gives us the opportunity to identify God’s likeness and all that God’s likeness is capable of! What does God’s creation, man, have dominion over (B9)? In the recollection from Matthew, why did Jesus reply to the disciples the way that he did regarding the storm and the disciple’s trust in God? How did he still the storm (B10)? Who DOES the DOING? What did Jesus recognize about man’s capabilities as the image and likeness of God – God’s reflection (B11)? I love how in this section about man’s capabilities, we are reminded that matter has no real power but the power that man appears to give to matter (SH17). This would be a great citation to go over with your students and make sure they really understand. What is the significance of the words EVERY and ALL in the following citation (SH18)? What does it mean that the whole world is in the jurisdiction of Mind (SH18)? What are we free do master and demonstrate (SH20)?

What is our true healing? We know by now what we are trusting, who man is, and what man is capable of. Section 5 helps us understand that the demonstration of unwavering trust in God for our spiritual identity allows us to heal and understand healing! What does citation B12 mean when it is said that “every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up?” What are the “things which defile a man?” Are they material things, or thoughts (SH23)? We are presented again with the question, what power are we supposedly giving to matter? Are we first handling thought? What is the importance of handling thought (B13, SH24)? What is our true healing? How do we overcome disease, dis-ease (SH26) and what does true healing have to do with thought?

Section 6 brings us full circle in our lesson about our ONLY cause and our ONLY creator, God. We come back to the only and all – Spiritual causation. What was made by God (B14)? How? When? Who has glory, majesty, dominion, power eternally (B15)? What is the “one question to be considered” (SH29) and why? How does God’s oneness and God being the ONLY cause and the ONLY creator relate to human progress?

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