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[PSST: Help students bring to light what’s real with spiritual understanding. (1)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for March 31, 2019

By Tom and Amy Evans, former staff members and big fans of CedarS

P.S.S.T. for Golden Text and Responsive Reading:

What does light have to do with Reality? How is reality like a candle lighting darkness?

Do you ask God to show you the light / Truth about situations?

The Responsive Reading can be a preview or synopsis of the lesson. Look at all of the references to light, strength and rock. What do you think the Responsive Reading is telling us about the lesson this week?

Why is it helpful / important / good to sing praises to God? Ask you class to share what praises to God they have to be grateful for and “sing” about.

P.S.S.T. for Section 1: Spiritual Understanding

Citation S5 reminds us that a spiritual understanding of reality is not only for smart people. It doesn't take years of study to finally understand God’s creation. Mary Baker Eddy says spiritual understanding “is not intellectual.” Instead spiritual understanding is “the reality of all things brought to light.” Wow. Ask your class to break that statement apart. Put that into their own words. Write it down.

P.S.S.T. for Section 2: Light

God is clothed with light. In Him is no darkness at all. Discuss how we may believe in darkness even though it has no reality. Look at citations S6 and S8. Discuss what happens to darkness with even the tiniest spark of light.

P.S.S.T. for Section 3: Choose Divine Science, the Rock.

In citation B13, building on a rock doesn’t mean that rain and wind won’t beat on our house, just that it won’t fall. Give an example of building your house on a rock and then staying strong through the rain and wind. Discuss the two artist views described in citation S12. Which are you choosing?

In the first passage in Section 3 Joshua in citation B9 asks the Children of Israel (that’s you as the reader) to choose who you will serve. The last two sentences of citation S12 read “Either Spirit or Matter is your model. If you try to have two models you practically have none.” Why do we need to commit to a single viewpoint, a singular understanding of how the universe works in all circumstances (either materially or spiritually)? Why is it SO important to choose to understand that God, Spirit, as the source of all? (Hint, look at citation S14).

P.S.S.T. for Section 4: Tares & Wheat

Read citation B16. Give an example of tares and wheat in your experience. Why might you want to let the tares remain with the wheat until the harvest? What separates the chaff (tares) from the wheat (S15 and S17)?

P.S.S.T. for Section 5: Healing removing fading forms, true sight

What happened when Jesus healed the blind man in citation B20? Do our healings ever seem to take longer than we expected? Consider the healing compared to citation S22 that talks about the “fading forms of matter”. What reminders about healing can you take with you from citation S24?

Citation S25 reads “Sight, hearing, all the spiritual senses of man are eternal” Have you ever thought of these senses as ENTIRELY spiritual and thus they cannot be lost? Talk with your class about this. If they truly understood their sight and hearing to be 100% spiritual, not both material and spiritual, but ONLY spiritual, how would they go about their day differently?

P.S.S.T. for Section 6: Death has no power

Citation B23 describes Jesus raising the man at Nain from death. What does this healing have to do with reality? Look at citation B24. What does it mean for death and the grave to not have “sting” or “victory”? Mary Baker Eddy discusses this in citations S29 and S30. Put Mary Baker Eddy’s argument in your own words for why there is no reality in death.

P.S.S.T. for Section 7: Light

Recap: From citation B25—Who gives us light? Who is good? Who do we give thanks to? (God!!) How do we get to heaven, harmony (S31)? Define “spiritual”, “harmonious”, “immutable”, “divine”, “eternal” (S32). These are what reality is, so get a clear understanding of these definitions to understand more about reality.

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