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[PSST: Have Peter’s courage to stand up and identify the Christ in your life. (RR)
eek nourishment from lasting not fleeting sources (1)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

“Christ Jesus”

for Sunday, August 28, 2016

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

PSST Golden Text (GT) – what does it mean to bear witness? What does bearing witness require of us? What does bearing witness do to our relationship with Truth?

PSST Responsive Reading (RR) – Why is Simon Peter's declaration so important? Do we have the same courage to stand up and identify the Christ in our lives? What do we require in order to carry that conviction, and to do so publicly?

PSST Section 1 – What is bread? What does it signify throughout the Bible? What is it that nourishes our spiritual health today? Do we seek nourishment from lasting or fleeting sources? How do we know what will be lasting, and what will be fleeting? Will we submit our human wills to the divine, Christly, will? Why is it so important to do so?

PSST Section 2 – What is light? What does it signify throughout the Bible? What is the connection between light, Christ, and Truth? What is the relationship between light and dark? How does this metaphor help us to understand our role as children of light better? What responsibility do we carry as children of light?

PSST Section 3 – What is a door? What does a door do? How is it both a portal and a protection? How/why is Christ like a door for us? What does it take for us to walk through the door that is Christ? What must we learn, understand, know, and embody? What sorts of decisions must we make before we walk up to the door of Christ?

PSST Section 4 – What is a shepherd? Why does Jesus call himself a shepherd? What is our relationship with Christ like, if we see ourselves as his sheep? What responsibilities do we carry as sheep? What dispositions must we embody on a daily basis? How does being a sheep connect with bearing witness (from the GT)?

PSST Section 5 – What is life? What does it mean to call Jesus, Christ, the life? And what is resurrection? What does it mean literally? (Look it up) And what does it mean for us? What are we being resurrected from? What are we being resurrected into? Why do we want Christ to define life for us, rather than matter?

PSST Section 6 – What is the Christ? Why is the true name of Jesus, Jesus the Christ? Why is it so important to recognize Jesus as the Christ? What does it mean for us today to separate the office of the Christ from the human man named Jesus?

PSST Section 7 – What is a vine, how does it link Jesus to Christ and God; and how are we linked to Jesus, Christ and God through this vine? Why is fruit so important to a vine? Why do the fruits of our practice of Christian Science matter? How can our practice of Christian Science ultimately put us in the position of bearing witness to Christ, Truth here and now? Must our bearing witness be verbal? How does the fruit of our lives bear witness?

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