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[PSST: Give of Your Substance, of Your Firstfruits!]
Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs) by Merrill Boudreaux

for the Christian Science Bible Lesson: “Substance”
for Sept. 15, 2013
[Bible story reenactment links offered by Warren Huff, CedarS Director/Editor]

PSST: Golden Text: What is substance? See Science & Health 468:19.
What are firstfruits? How do you honor God with these firstfruits? Do you really have to give them away or do you honor God by expressing them, sharing them with others, using them to benefit mankind? Ask yourself what qualities do I have in my house, my consciousness? How can I use them for the betterment of mankind?

PSST: Responsive Reading: All that you have comes from God. What are you doing with your talents, your abilities, your qualities? How are you ministering to mankind? What seeds of thought do you have and what are you sowing on behalf of mankind?

PSST: Section 1: What is it that brings you satisfaction? What are the works that you are called on to perform, as a student, sibling, child, friend, Christian Scientist? What resources do you have to aid you in performing this work?

PSST: Section 2: Who or what is it that you lean on to know how to perform the work you are called on to do? Citation B-4. Read the Bible story in citation B-5. On what did Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah rely? What was the result? For what did they really hunger? (B-6) [Download a possible script to reenact it & questions to individualize it by clicking “Daniel Finds Nourishment & Wisdom in God” under Downloads in the upper right part of CedarS Metaphysical webpage, ]

What is righteousness? Right thinking and right acting. Was the food they chose to eat of significance or was it what was behind their choice? Are foods of any kind a measurement or indicator of strength to be gained? Citation S-10.

PSST: Section 3: Read the Bible story in citation B-9. What is a centurion? A soldier with 100 individuals under his command. What was the substance of the centurion’s request? Faith. What is faith? (B-7) See also S-12 [& a possible script to reenact it & questions to individualize it. For a video version: ]

. What is a chrysalis state? A developing phase or intermediate form. Think of the butterfly in the cocoon. What does the cocoon allow for the butterfly’s development? Protection, a closet in which to transform, an opportunity to consider what is to come. [Much like a wilderness experience functions as a vestibule…] What is the result if you had faith the size of a grain of mustard seed? See Luke 17:6. What is the mountain to be removed to best benefit mankind? (The belief of life in matter) Are you and they material or spiritual? How do you know, what is the basis for your answer? See S&H 468:8—The Scientific Statement of Being.

PSST: Section 4: Read Citation S-21. How does Divine Love meet every human need? (In, As, and Through man) That is you, so you are an agent acting on God’s behalf. What are you called on to do? See the seal on the front cover of Science and Health for your answer. How did Jesus do this in citation B-11? We are to go and do likewise. Every time you mentally challenge the argument of poverty, homelessness, or lack of any kind you assist in mankind’s progress. [Download a possible script to reenact the “Loaves & Fishes” & questions to individualize its lessons. Scroll down to see a video version at: ]

PSST: Section 5: Be persuaded with Paul in his statement to the Romans in citation B-14. Memorize the whole passage in Romans 8: 35, 37-39.

PSST: Section 6: Are these promises for you alone? (B-17) Give of your substance. A primary substantial quality you possess is love. Look to citations S-28 and S-29 to see the result of applying love to every situation. How will you bless mankind today? Ask students to write out their answer and take it with them as a reminder for the week of how they can give of their firstfruits, of their substance.

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