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[PSST: Find your "rock of salvation and… reason for existing." Miscellany 165:20]
Possible Sunday School Topics by Merrill Boudreaux, CS, for the
Christian Science Bible Lesson: Doctrine of Atonement
for Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014

P.S.S.T.  Golden Text – What do you think was the reason Jesus came and was among us?  What lessons did he teach?  How are we benefitted because he was among us?

P.S.S.T.  Responsive Reading – Being at-one with God provides blessings.  What are some of these blessings listed in the Responsive Reading?  In the Christian churches this Sunday is celebrated as Easter Sunday.  What is the reason for such a celebration?  Jesus’ understanding of at-one-ment was the ultimate demonstration of life with God in the resurrection.

P.S.S.T.  Section 1 – Are you a sheep?  Who is your shepherd?  How important is it for the sheep to follow the shepherd?  What can the shepherd see that the sheep cannot?  What is the doctrine of Christian Science in citation S5 that can serve as a shepherd for us?  What does following Jesus as the shepherd provide for us? (citation B5)

P.S.S.T.  Section 2 – Read aloud together all of Psalm 23.  Read aloud together all of Hymn 304 from The Christian Science Hymnal.  Jesus went to the temple.  What did he teach there?  (citations B11, S7, and S9)

P.S.S.T.  Section 3 – Could Jesus do less than heal the man in citation B13?  Was the healing just to make the man well? (S12)  Was this healing a miracle or the natural outcome of Jesus’ understanding of man being one with God? (S15)

P.S.S.T.  Section 4 – Why was Jesus persecuted and in Jerusalem yet?  Wasn’t he one of the Jews? (B15)  Read aloud citation B18.  Read about the importance or resurrection in citations S18 and S19.  Can you, will you, participate in a resurrection?

P.S.S.T.  Section 5 – Read aloud citation B20.  What signs are to follow you as a believer in the teachings of Christ Jesus?  Have students had or witnessed any healings this week?  Ask them to share.  Read page 578:5-18 in Science and Health.  Who leads you?  What shall follow you all the days of your life?

P.S.S.T.  Section 6 – Are you the child of God?  Are you the heir of God?  Of what victory are you assured being at-one with God? (B23 and B24)  If you and God is one, then there is no third element, no interloper, nothing that can get in between God and you.  Your role as a disciple is stated in citation S30.  What is it?  So you began this lesson with joy in the Golden Text and you finish with joy in citation S30.  Ask students to list reasons for joy they have discerned in studying this lesson. [They & we need not be list-less.]
Examples: We have received the atonement
                  We have received the at-one-ment
                  We are blessed of God
                  We have an incorruptible inheritance
                  We are taught of Christ Jesus
                  We are witnesses of God’s great love
                  Christ Jesus is our shepherd
                  Divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation (me)
                  Jesus was raised from the dead and proved life eternal
                  Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
                  I am able to demonstrate my oneness with God [& "impart truth,"]
                  I am able to participate in the resurrection [& "impart health,"]
                  I have much about which to be joyful [& "am able to impart…happiness" My. 165:20]

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