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[PSST— Feel chosen in the eyes of God! Have love at the center of all you do! (1, 4)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Soul and Body”
for May 24, 2020

By Steve Henn, C.S.

Golden Text PSST: Who, me? God’s holy temple? Them too?
How confident are your students that they are the temple of God, a holy temple?
What does being the temple of God mean about our relationship to Mind, Love, Soul?
What does it mean about our relationship to all others – if they, too, are the temple of God?

Responsive Reading PSST: Who gets credit for our achievements?
If God has “wrought all our works in us” what credit do we take for ourselves?
Why is it helpful to see God as the source of all the intelligence, strength, love that allows us to achieve our best?
What does it mean that our inward man is renewed every day?
How does that relate to what sometimes seems like a monotonous existence?
How willing and confident in the blessings available are your students to being present with God, and absent from any material sense of reality?

Section 1 PSST: How often are you and your students finding time to praise God?
Why is God worthy of our praise? Why is it important to honor and hallow His name?
How “chosen” do your students feel they are in the eyes of God?
Do they realize that She delights in them?
Do they realize that Love delights in all Her beloved creation?
How inclusive is that? How committed are your students to ensuring that every thought they have is as spiritual as possible?

Section 2 PSST: What does it mean to “dwell”? Think of dwelling as contemplating – like dwelling on an idea – if we look at it that way, citation B7 offers us the opportunity to contemplate and regard with consistency the importance of the Spirit of God.
How often are your students patiently and consistently considering the grandness of Spirit, Truth?
What benefit does mortal man offer? What temptations present themselves to keep our thought tethered to the earth?
What, by contrast, are the assurances of Spirit/Soul?
What can we be confident of in developing our relationship with God?

Section 3 PSST: Why is humility so important?
How does Naaman learn the power of humility?
Why does Elisha demand the removal of any human power or prestige from the healing He bestows on Naaman?
Why are we able to heal? Where does that power come from?
Why are we able to demonstrate strength, wisdom, freedom, joy?
Is it ever because of something in us?
Why is it so important to recognize our role as reflection and expression, rather than as source?

Section 4 PSST: What is the motive behind Jesus’ work?
It can’t be income or personal glory, right?
Mary Baker Eddy declares that love for God and our fellow man is the true reason behind both healing and teaching. Is this true for Jesus’ ministry?
Why is it so important that Jesus have love at the center of all he did and taught?
How does love for God’s creation lead to obedience to God’s law?
And how does following God’s law lead to certainty in healing?

Section 5 PSST: Why is remembering God’s holiness something to be thankful for?
What does God’s holiness have to do with our own experience, protection, freedom?
How does God’s holiness relate to Peter’s eventual freedom?
How often are your students presented with the idea that life is in the body?
How well do they see that all limitation in their experience stems from this false perception?
How do we work to correct this false view of all our fellow men, women and children – perfect and limitless ideas of God – as well as ourselves?

Section 6 PSST: Do we recognize that we are not our own?
Is that disconcerting to your students?
What does it really mean to not be our own – and why is it a comforting and freeing thought? How fully have your students set their hearts to seek God, Love, Soul?
Why should they?
What would stop them from so doing?
How can we all work to grow in the understanding that God truly is the builder and maker of all reality?

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