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[PSST: Explore 7 links to break all supposed links to the Adam dream!]
PSST for the week of May 10, 2015: Adam and Fallen Man

prepared by John Biggs, CS of Bend, Oregon

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This Bible Lesson contains stories and concepts familiar to Christian Scientists; you've probably touched on these ideas in some classes no matter what age you teach. Let this familiarity spur you on to even deeper questions and discussion!

I'll be embedding links into the text of this PSST, and copying the full links down at the end so you can explore on your own if you are reading this from a print out.

PSST Golden Text: What do you mean, 'awake out of sleep'? What are we asleep to? What lulls us to sleep? What tends to wake us up? How do we stay awake?

PSST Responsive Reading (RR): Whose strength is being referenced in the first verse? What does bringing ;good tidings' have to do with staying awake with God? Have you ever felt that rising of the Lord spoken of in the last verse? What does the awakening to God's presence feel like?

Here's a great discussion about how important it is to wake up in the seeming face of evil. There's a recent Daily Lift that goes along with it, too!

PSST Section 1: If God's work is finished, why are things still going on? Is there a deeper meaning to that word, 'finished?' How can we be sure everything God made is good?

Consider this discussion related to these questions. This discussion may also help if you have any students who are involved in religious studies classes or if any of you are engaged in ecumenical or interfaith work in your communities.

PSST Section 2: How do you cease from the man whose breath in his nostrils? Are there any Adam qualities in your life that you want to be free of? Are there any requisite steps to rising out of the dust dream, or is it unique for everyone?

This video throws the distinction between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2-3 into sharp relief. What can you learn from this distinction?

PSST Section 3: Is there ever a serpent in your life? What are the suggestions of the serpent that are the toughest to deny? What makes those suggestions so tempting? Can you share any success stories of overcoming those temptations? Have you ever seen or felt those qualities listed in citation B8? How can you honor true womanhood more in your life and with your community?

Consider this blog about a healing a family experienced while experiencing gender bias. Are these ideas only applicable to women, or are they a help for us all?

PSST Section 4: How did Jesus' birth symbolize an awakening? Does a focus on sin play any role in your life? Sin is often considered a pretty heavy and scary word; what does it really mean for us today? What does it look like to heal sin? What's the relation between Genesis 1, Genesis 2-3, and today? What is the connection between healing sin and healing sickness?

Here's a really helpful discussion about sin. As of Monday, May 4, the first comment at the top, after the blog itself (from someone nicknamed Cris), and Mark's reply are excellent examples of effective ecumenical conversation, as well as deeper looks at the theology of Christian Science in regard to this question.

PSST Section 5: Who's responsibility is it to wake up – the person who is experiencing the challenge, the healer, the bystanders… ? What does it mean for you, today, to rise from death? How can you contribute to our world's growing understanding of this rising?

This video (an animation of the Prodigal Son parable) illustrates another kind of rising from death. Can you see any relation between this and your own life?

PSST Section 6: Citation B17 declares that everything about our lives and should be devoted to God. How can you do this in your own life? How do you dedicate every moment to God – how do you consistently honor God? How do you effectively watch and stay sober, as citation B18 says? Is this only talking about staying sober with regard to drugs and alcohol, or is there more to it? Is the awakening in this Lesson only an individual thing, or is there opportunity for our communities to awake as well?

This blog about a Sunday School's outreach to their community illustrates how we can all support each other with our dedication to God and to following what Jesus taught and Mary Baker Eddy explained.

Thanks so much for your dedication to Sunday School and your church and communities. Your experiences with your students are blessings that won't ever stop unfolding.

Links embedded in the text, for those reading this PSST from a printout:

RR: and for the Daily Lift

Section 1:

Section 2:

Section 3:

Section 4:

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