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[PSST: Expect Christ-light angel messages today! (1) Accept all things as possible to God! (4)
Bring the true spirit of Christmas into the lives of loved ones…and to the whole world? (6)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for December 23, 2018

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST–Golden Text:
How does this passage answer the question posed by the subject of this week’s lesson?
What reason have we for rejoicing in this discourse?
Why is rejoicing in this response to the question such an important step?
What does rejoicing mean in this context?

PSST–Responsive Reading:
What is our place in all of this rejoicing and power? What role do we play?

How can we best prepare ourselves for that role? Where do we begin?

How can we grow in performing this role on a daily basis?

PSST–Section 1:
How does knowing God better teach us about the universe in which we live?
What is the connection between God and the universe?

What is the connection between God and our daily lives?

How does knowing God better help us to understand our daily experience and relationship to all of creation?

PSST–Section 2:
Do your students recognize just how powerful God is?

Does it matter that God alone has power? Why?

How consistent is God in His relationship to his creation?

How often do we, His creation, murmur against God? What causes us to murmur?

How does God respond to our murmurings? How often do your students feel like they have to have it all figured out before deserving God’s help? Is that really the case?

PSST–Section 3:
What is the true origin of man?

How does the birth of a new idea relate to the lived experiences of our students?

What does it mean for Zacharias to be troubled? How receptive must he have been even to recognize the troubled feeling in his thought?

How does God’s angel respond to Zacharias’ trouble? Does the angel ignore it, punish it, or respond to it by comforting Zacharias?

Can we expect the same of angels today?

PSST–Section 4:
How did Mary find favor with God? Can we do the same?

How do we respond to the seemingly impossible promises of God?
Do we accept all things as possible to God?

Do we open our thought the way Mary did, or the way the wise men did?

How open is our thought to our own divine origin?
Mary Baker Eddy makes a lot of Christ Jesus’ divine origin…are we each from a different origin? Why do Jesus’ origin and our origin matter?

PSST–Section 5:
What can your students do to live up to the call of healing the broken hearted and binding up the wounded? Have they taken any particular steps this holiday season to do so?

If they feel broken-hearted or wounded themselves, how can they feel the Christ presence helping them?

Do we ever resist reaching out for help, trusting in the Christ presence to help us?
What causes this resistance and how do we overcome it?

PSST–Section 6:
Where is your students’ focus this holiday week? Is it on the infinite and omnipotent presence of Soul?

Are they singing God’s praises moment by moment? Are they seeing Mind’s control over the universe as a confirmed fact?

How can they grow in this direction daily? How does growing in this direction help them to bring the true spirit of Christmas into their lives, the lives of those they love, and the world?

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