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[PSST: Don’t fall into Saul-like thinking about yourself, others, or the world! (2)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Soul and Body”
for May 27, 2018

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST—Golden Text – What does it mean for our eye to be single? What is the single thing we want to be focusing on? What is the contrast to single? How does this reflect the contrast between spiritual and mortal thinking? What about light? What does it mean for our whole body to be full of light? What does the body represent in this instance?

PSST—Responsive Reading (RR) – How do we purify our thoughts and bodies? What does this RR offer to us as direction when it comes to reflecting our perfect origin? Are your students daunted by any of the superlatives (evermore, without ceasing, all, blameless, whole/wholly)? How can we understand those as part of a comforting foundation, rather than a list of impossible demands/standards?

PSST—Section 1 – This section calls God a dwelling place; first off, discuss with your students what a dwelling is and what it means for God to be a dwelling place – make a list of qualities that are expressed by God as a dwelling place. Then, ask if this is a truth or a choice. Is it simply true that we dwell in God? Or do we have to make the choice to dwell there? Why is it more liberating to realize this is a truth, and not a choice? What are the implications for this body and this material universe we seem to be dwelling in?

PSST—Section 2 – What caused Saul to transform into Paul? How was his eye evil, and what were the results of having an evil eye, as he was Saul? How often do your students fall into the Saul-like thinking, whether it be about themselves, others around them, or the world? How can we catch that evil thinking and be alert to its impacts?

PSST—Section 3 – By contrast, how does Ananias express a singleness of thought? He sure had heard of Saul and his persecutions before going to him and healing him. How did Ananias overcome his preconceived notions about Saul? And what was the outcome of his glorious singleness of Mind? How often do we see out brother and sister as capable of goodness the way Ananias does? What can we do to more frequently hold this perfect view of our neighbors [as on their road to Damascus], whether they seem like our friends or our foes?

PSST—Section 4 – How can we grow in our spiritual-mindedness? What does it look like to walk in the Spirit? Is this an active choice we have to make, to walk in the Spirit? What role do we play in keeping our thought upright and righteous, as opposed to being dominated by sin? What can your students do this week to practice defending their thought from sensualism and sin? Can you define sensualism as a class? What is included in this idea of sensualism that would take thought away from spiritual progress? How can we be sure our thought is guided spiritually?

PSST—Section 5 – Does it matter that Paul spoke to the impotent man with a loud voice? Why would that be important? Are your students ready to speak liberty and truth with loud voices? How confident are your students that they can see past the fetters of finite, limited thinking? What can they do to practice seeing and living into their experience of unlimited good? Are they aware of the current base/foundation of their thinking? Are they willing to change that base to one more spiritual; are they willing to yield to Mind’s harmony?

PSST—Section 6 – What does it mean, look like, feel like to be at home in the body? Why is it easy or tempting to be at home in the body? How often are your students lulled into that comfort-seeking mindset? Was not Saul at home in his body? What does it take to be absent from the body? How do we break this mesmerism? And why do we want to be absent from the body and present with the Lord? What was the outcome of Saul transforming to Paul? And was that outcome felt only by Paul, or even only by the people who heard Paul speak? How is the result of Paul’s decision to be present with the Lord still resonating with us today? Are your students interested in blessing the world around them by being absent from their own bodies and present with the Lord? How can we help them see the power and importance of doing this?

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