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PSST: Discover the perfect man – already within you!
P ossible S unday S chool T opics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for March 8, 2020

by Lindsey Biggs, C.S. Maryland Heights, MO
540 460 3515 biggs.lindsey@gmail.com

P.S.S.T. for Golden Text

A beautiful passage from Isaiah to show us how secure and loved we are by God. God knows our name! God has called us into being. Last week, my Sunday School class discussed how God calls each of us, just as Jesus was calling those disciples — that we each have an identity and purpose that is known to God. There are many segues from last week’s lesson on Christ Jesus into this one, so this can make for some great deeper conversations in class!

P.S.S.T. for Responsive Reading

God has called each of us for a holy purpose. And we are worthy! We are worthy of the holy purpose that God has asked us to do and worthy of expressing all the Godlike qualities and have them reciprocated back to us: love, kindness, dignity, peacefulness, health, security, and joy.

Consider checking out some other adjectives of Eph 4:2 in other translations. For example: “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” NIV

What qualities would we like to express? How do we want to express God more fully? Perhaps make a list of spiritual qualities together that your class would like to express more fully. They can take this list of qualities and focus on a different quality each day. This can be a fun way to make spirituality practical in our daily lives.

What are some “old conversations” your students would like to get rid off? (Eph 4:22). What is the kind of negative self-talk that we are ready to get rid of? Self-doubt, fear, belief in limits, etc. How do we get rid of those? Are we ready to drop that weight and step into the light and put on the “new man”? What is the “new man”? A new sense of identity — a new sense of purpose — the true you, shining, and free! It might be fun to write down, crumple up, and throw away a piece of paper with those “old conversations” that we are planning to get rid of.

If your students are praying for direction about next steps, perhaps looking into colleges to go to, etc., Psalms 37:23 is a great one. “The steps of a good man [woman] are ordered by the Lord: and he [she] delighteth in his [God’s] way.”

That can be a great one to pair up with the next passage from Psalms 37:37. Check it out together in the Parallel Bible to see other translations, such as:

“Look at those who are honest and good, for a wonderful future awaits those who love peace.” NLT

P.S.S.T. for Section 1 – Your identity is spiritual

This section includes the answer to “What is man?” from the chapter Recapitulation. One of my favorite parts of Science and Health! It helps us see who man really is – that man is not made up of matter and is, in fact, completely spiritual, good, pure, and holy. How can seeing the truth about man help us pray for our world?

Of course, many of us, when we were younger, learned to put our name into this Q&A. If your students haven’t tried this yet, they might love it! For example, “What is Mary? Mary is not made up of brain, blood, bones, etc.”

In this way, we can see that the spiritual truth that is true for us is true for everyone.

P.S.S.T. for Section 2 – Distinguish between the real and counterfeit man here

This section explores which is the counterfeit man and which is the real man. We all have the right to choose. Which man are we — the dust, material man or the spiritual, perfect man? Can we rise very high when we start from the material as our basis? What good can start from proceeding from the material? What are the benefits of choosing the spiritual view? The benefits that proceed from starting from a spiritual basis are health, happiness, supply, joy, and freedom. How can this be applied practically?

Check out the video from ChristianScience.com: H ave you ever talked back to your maker?

P.S.S.T. for Section 3 – Be a witness for good!

Dominion. (Psalms 8:6) What does God give us dominion over? Fear, lack, poor health, etc.

Check out this author’s sharing about how God also frees us from addictions: “Gaming a ddiction—gone!"

Witness. (Isaiah 43:10) What role does being a witness play in healing? Does a witness make something happen? The witness simply witnesses what is already true and real. So we are called to witness what is already true, good, and real – what God is already seeing and knowing. When we do this we are being a witness to spiritual perfection and it heals! How does this tie in to S15 (SH 264): “As mortals gain more correct views of God and man, multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible.”?

Purpose. (Isaiah 43:21) “This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.” This is a great motto for anyone looking for a sense of purpose. Our purpose isn’t in a career or athletic ability – it is to show forth praise for God in all that we are doing. So, it doesn’t matter if you are washing dishes or planning calculations for the International Space Station – we do it all for the glory of God!

Heaven. (SH 291) Here we get a great sense of what and where heaven is and how we can experience it here and now. What are 3 key points in this passage? How do these 3 points make for a heavenly-harmonious existence now? Explore this passage and concept together (you can also use the Glossary definition for “heaven” as an additional resource).

P.S.S.T. for Section 4 – There is no sensation in matter

What does it mean to be “absent from the body and present with the Lord”? (II Cor 5:8) Think deeply about this. Why is this important? If we aren’t focused on our bodies, then what are we able to focus on? What does being present with the Lord mean? What does it allow us to do, be, and experience?

Consider this beautiful passage from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6 or B19). What does it mean to “take no thought”? How do we “take no thought” in school or with our bodies or planning for some future event? What are the blessings that come from “seeking the kingdom of God first”?

“You embrace your body in your thought…” (SH 208) So what kind of thoughts do we want to think? Where is our body really located? Can anything reach or touch our bodies without our consent?

“Rightly understood, instead of possessing a sentient material form, man has a sensationless body:” (SH 280) What does it mean to have a “sensationless body”? Can matter do, say, or think anything? We get to control our bodies and decide what they should do and when. God is imparting individuality, harmony, and immortality through consciousness to all of us.

“…be masters of the body, dictate its terms, and form and control it with Truth.” (SH 228)

P.S.S.T. for Section 5 – Christ Jesus is our example

Why do you think there is a section on Christ Jesus in the lesson on man? What did Christ Jesus show us about man?

“…mortals need only turn from sin and lose sight of mortal selfhood to find Christ, the real man and his relation to God, and to recognize the divine sonship.” (SH 315)

What do we want to lose sight of? How about an erroneous concept of ourselves and others? How can we also lose sight of material personality in others — traits that are a mixture of good and bad? How can we discern more of our spiritual individuality?

Last week, my Sunday School class explored the Christ on page 332 of Science and Health — what the Christ is and what the Christ does. Your class might enjoy exploring this distinction between Jesus and the Christ and how it is practical today. What are some ways that the Christ

– “true idea voicing good” – is speaking to us and how does it help free us?

What did Jesus’ resurrection and ascension show us? How does this relate to spiritual individuality, identity, man, and body that we have been exploring in this lesson?

P.S.S.T. for Section 6 – We reflect the beauty of God!

Beauty is such a wonderful, spiritual quality of God. It’s fun to witness in the clouds, flowers, sunshine, and in our friend’s smiles and faces. Beauty is all around us and we naturally want to enjoy it. Man isn’t like a garden that needs a lot of cultivation – man is already beautiful and complete! How wonderful that we get to shine and express that Christ-like man together!

If you have a class that is thinking about beauty, consider using these resources on JSH Online to find articles for teens that relate to discovering true beauty!

PS – Did you know that the 2019 Collections for Kids and Teens on JSH Online is now available as a free download for everyone to enjoy? You can explore these 4 special collections here.

Enjoy your classes!

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