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[PSST: Develop qualities to make you ready to receive the Christ idea in your life! (1)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Christian Science”
for classes on December 27, 2020

By Steve Henn, C.S. steven.henn@gmail.com

Golden Text Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST):
hat’s the gift “too wonderful for words”? (II Cor. 9:15, New Living Translation) What must be true about this gift if it is so wonderful?
To whom was this gift given? What do we need to do to receive this gift?
Do we need to do anything to be worthy of the gift?

Responsive Reading Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST):
What does Immanuel mean? (Isa. 7:14, God with us!)
What is the light seen by those in darkness?
Do we see this light? Where can we find it?
How does the government of God reveal this light?
What is true about God’s government? What reason do we have to rejoice? (Isa. 9:7)
How do we seek and feel the comfort of God?

Section 1 Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST):
What qualities did Mary & Joseph express that made them ready to receive the Christ babe?
What qualities did the shepherds express that made them ready to hear the joyful news?
What qualities did the three wise men express that made them ready to find the Christ babe and shower Christ with gifts? What do each of the gifts represent?
What qualities do we express already that make us ready to receive the Christ idea in our lives?
Are there any qualities we want to develop further?

Section 2 Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST):
What did Jesus teach? How were his teachings different than those of the traditional teachers called scribes?
What in Jesus’ teachings allowed him to heal with such certainty? (Mark 1:21, cit. B5)
After healing and preaching all day, where did Jesus go, and what did Jesus do?
Why is this so important to his healing and preaching?
When Jesus’ disciples find him, and tell him everyone is looking for him, where does he choose to go? Why is this significant?
For whom are the teachings of Jesus intended? During his ministry, and even today? Do only Christians benefit from his teachings and example?
What does Mary Baker Eddy mean when she says Jesus’ life and ministry was not miraculous?

Section 3 Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST):
What does St. John say about Comforter? (John 14:16, 17, 26, cit. B8)
What is the Comforter supposed to be and do for us today?
What does Mary Baker Eddy reveal the comforter is How long will this Comforter be with us?? (citation S19, 55:27)

What does Christian Science do to both religion and medicine? (cit. S12, 107:10)
How can we as Christian Scientists draw closer to our fellow reflections of God with this understanding?
What is the basis of Christlike understanding of divine healing and scientific being? What does learning the way in Christian Science reveal to us? (cit. S15, 264:28)
Why are the lessons from Christ and Christian Science so valuable for us to learn? How do they impact our daily lives?

Section 4 Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST):
Why does keeping the law make us happy? What law must we keep? How does keeping this law give us vision, and help us thrive?
How do we draw our hearts closer to God, Mind, Love?
How do we learn doctrine, and what is the heart of the doctrine of Christian Science? Must we only follow the letter of the law?
How do we know and follow the spirit of God’s law?
How did Mary Baker Eddy find this law? (cit. S18, 109:11-22)
How can we learn from and follow her example?
How does she teach us to read scripture? (cit. S20, 547:31)

Section 5 Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST):
What does the book of Revelation reveal about divine Science? (cit. B13, Rev. 10:2, 9-1)
How do we “take” divine Science? What can your students commit to doing along this path this week?
How can your class help your students to study and ponder Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures? (cit. S23, 559:19-21)
What is Æsculapius? (cit. 24, 152:5) How does this help mind and body?
How can we all prove the Science of healing?
(cit. S26, 547:3)

Section 6 Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST):
What is the gift of Christ? How do you define grace? (cit. B14, Eph. 4:7)
What is the source of this gift and grace? (cit. B15, I Peter 4:10,11)
To whom does the glory of all good and healing work belong?
What is the theology of Jesus that healed sick and sinning? What is the theology in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and what is the effect of this theology? (cit. S27, 138:27-2)
What role can your class play in making divine Science “more generally understood?
” (cit. 28, 348:26)

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