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PSST: Demonstrate what it means to “be of one mind.” (5)
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for classes on August 22, 2021

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.

Golden Text Possible Sunday School TopicsHow will wisdom support your demonstration of Mind daily?
What qualities and attributes are associated with God’s wisdom?
Why are these qualities emphasized by the author of James? [James 3:17 the]
How can we check/confirm the wisdom that is presented to us by looking for these attributes?
How will wisdom like this support our demonstration of Mind on a daily basis?

Responsive Reading PSSTs: How could the wisdom & might of God bless you daily? [Dan. 2:20]
How will growing in “grace…brotherly love… patience, comfort of the scriptures… hope…” [Rom. 12:3-21; 15:4-6] help you with your daily tasks – academic, social, athletic, personal, occupation, spiritual?

Section 1 PSSTsHow does oneness impact our growth in Mind?
Why is the oneness of Mind/God so essential to our understanding and demonstration of perfection?
How clear are your students on the nature of God/Mind as one?
How often are we distracted from this core principle of God’s creation?
What pulls our thinking away from this understanding?
How can we reconnect with this quality of Mind?
How can we stay awake and alert to the oneness of Mind throughout all of our days –
and what impact will this have on our relationships and aims?

Section 2 PSSTs: What must your students know about mortal mind?
What is mortal mind? [cit. S8/114:1-17]

And why is it essential for them to have a clear understanding of mortal mind?
How is it distinct from the mind of God’s man?
What mind do your students possess? [cit. S11/259:26]

How can they distinguish between the reality of Mind and illusion of mortal mind? [cit. S10/88:9-14]
If we ever get tempted or distracted by a belief in mortal mind, does that make mortal mind any more real, or Mind any less in control?  [cit. S12/430:3-5]

Section 3 PSSTsHow is wisdom like Abigail’s better than strength? [cit. B12/Eccl. 9:16]
What does Abigail’s leadership teach us about wisdom and strength? [cit. B11/1st Sam. 25:2-35]
What was the basis of her actions?
What gave her the courage, strength and wisdom to speak so clearly and forcefully with David?
How did Abigail impact David?
What lesson can your students take from Abigail’s example?
Are there any situations in their days that’ll bless them by expressing qualities Abigail expresses in this story?
What wisdom and what knowledge provide stability, strength, and salvation? [cit. B13/Isaiah 33:6]

Section 4 PSSTsWhat is God’s kingdom? Where is God’s kingdom? [cit. B17/Matt. 12:22-29]

What is Jesus trying to say in citation B17 when talking about a kingdom divided against itself not standing?
Does it ever seem like the powers and laws governing our lives are warring with each other? [B18/2 Cor10:3]  
How do we re-center our thought on a united kingdom under One ruler, One lawmaker?
How do we bring all our thoughts into captivity – to the obedience of Christ? [cit. B18/2 Cor10:3]  

Why do we want to be fully obedient to Christ – and only obedient to Christ?  [cit. S23/400:9, 26-28]

What is Mary Baker Eddy trying to teach when talking about the strong man & mortal mind? [cit. S23/400:4-6]
Does mortal mind have any real power?
How do we bind mortal mind and ensure that we are only, and fully governed by God? [cit. S25/326:3-5,12]

Section 5 PSSTsWhat does it mean to “be of one mind”? [cit. B22/2 Cor. 13:11]
How do we achieve this with God, with ourselves, and with our fellow children of God?
What was the mind of Christ that we want to fully obtain ourselves? [cit. B21/Phil. 4:1-4]
How do we achieve having the mind of Christ? How do we grow in this direction? B21/Phil.4:8]
What does it mean to have no other gods? [cit. S27/467:13]
How do we ensure that we are not tempted to believe or follow or bow down to any other power?
If we are the children of God, can we have any mind apart from Mind? [cit. S28/470:16]
How do we demonstrate this reality on a daily basis? [cit. S26/276:4,19]

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