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[PSST: Commit to spend time in the wilderness periodically to commune with God. (1)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Probation After Death”
for October 28, 2018

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST Golden Text (GT): What forms of darkness seem to challenge our students? How can they feel God’s presence even in the midst of the deepest darkness? What can they do right now to be as close to God as possible, so when the darkness seems to cover them, they still know that God is there and All in all?

PSST Golden Text Responsive Reading (RR): What does it feel like to have God with you? What does His presence feel like? How can you help your students trust that he will be with them through fires and floods, both literal and metaphorical?

PSST Section 1: What does a shepherd do? What does it mean that God is our shepherd? Think of this from both comforting and protecting angles. Standing water, and watersprings are both very important to sheep – what does water do for sheep? What does water – the word of God – do for us? What is good about the wilderness? Have your students taken the time to commune with God recently – to enter a wilderness experience? What would that look like for them today? Can they commit to spending time in the wilderness at least on a periodic basis? The wilderness was such a critical part of Jesus’ experience – why not make it part of ours?

PSST Section 2: Who do your students resonate with in this story – the husband, the Shunammite woman, Gehazi, Elisha? What must that person have been thinking through this whole ordeal? What can we learn from each character’s participation in the events that take place? What does it look like to put our trust in God? Can your students commit to doing that consistently in the coming weeks? Some of your students may be faced by challenges that feel as difficult as what the Shunammite woman faced; how do we learn about the supremacy of Truth over error? Can it happen while faced by challenges – or should it happen well before challenges come?

PSST Section 3: Why is judgment so important? How does it help us to see; what does it help us to see? What is Jesus doing as he redefines who his mother and brothers are? What does this mean for our human connections today? How can we come to know and understand our true origin more fully? While the world would say it is material, Jesus’ ministry and teaching says something very different; what is Jesus’ sense of our true origin? Why is it important to get this right in our daily lives? If we know our own true origin, what do we know of the origin of every other person in God’s creation? Did God not create anyone?

PSST Section 4: Why is the raiment so heavily focused on in this section? What does it represent in the Bible? Think back to the blind man who cast aside his raiment when called by Jesus, what does raiment symbolize, and why is it significant that Jesus’ was free of any seams, or points of separation? What does Mrs. Eddy elaborate on this topic? How does this concept lead to Jesus’ demonstration of Life, Truth, and Love? What must we do to effectively follow in Jesus’ footsteps?

PSST Section 5: Is Jesus’ resurrection something we take for granted? How special and significant is it that Mary Magdalene was in the garden on the first day of the week, so early in the morning? Her commitment to Jesus the man was clear… but what did her understanding need added to it to fully comprehend Jesus’ message and Science? How often do we get caught looking to Jesus’ or others’ examples, and how often are we tricked by the presence of the tomb/grave in whatever form? How do we rise above the testimony of our material senses?

PSST Section 6: Who do we look to for strength? What do we spend our energies praising? Where do we dwell each and every day? How do the choices we make and the habits we develop in each of these areas of thought impact our daily demonstration of good?

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