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[PSST: Claim your Christ-like newness “yesterday, today & forever!”]
CedarS Camps PSSTs (Possible Sunday School Topics)

prepared by Merrill Boudreaux, CS,

for the Christian Science Bible Lesson: “Christ Jesus”

February 23-March 1, 2015

Golden Text: What is the distinction between Jesus the man and Christ the divine idea of God with us? Why was Jesus identified as Jesus the Christ or Christ Jesus? Think of the Christ as the way and Jesus Christ as the way-shower.

Responsive Reading: What did Jesus see as his purpose? What works was Jesus called to do? What does it mean to be called? What did Jesus offer as evidence that he was indeed the exemplification of the Christ, or God with us? What do you think the good shepherd does for the sheep? Are you one of the sheep?

Section 1: Is the promise in citation B3 relevant today? Has the Christ child come to our age? (S2) Is our world prepared to receive the Christ message? Are you? What is the result when the Christ message is welcomed? )B4 and S6)

Section 2: How was the faith and belief of the nobleman expressed in citation B7? Did his faith or belief effect the healing or was it something else, perhaps Jesus’ understanding of the relationship the son had with God? What was the result? Is it faith or belief in Jesus that effected the healing or was it a divine law of God’s permanent provision for every idea? Has God also prepared a place for you? (S9) You are one with God—that is the way Jesus came to show to you and to us all.

Section 3: What does the word “repent” mean? Perhaps turn again, take another look at your origin, be a witness to good, to harmony, to health, to abundance. Nothing is deprived for you. How quickly did the healing come to the man in citation B12? Why was it instantaneous? Perhaps as a demonstration of no separation between God & that which God creates. This is another way of stating the Christ, God with us. See citation S13.

Section 4: How many healings are listed in this lesson? What were they?

What did it mean when it is stated, “And he put them all out” in citation B17, verse 54? Was this Jesus’ way of repenting, turning again to God to behold God ever with us? Were these healings miracles? (S22) Are these healings available today? Are we united with the Christ yesterday, and today, and forever, as stated in the Golden Text? Look to citation S19 for a further explanation of the Christ, what it is and what it does.

Section 5: This would be a good time for students to share any recent healing they had. Has any of those healings made them feel brand new? Did the healing make you feel like a new person, rejuvenated, restored to your rightful classification as a child of God? This is what the Christ does; this is the way of the Christ and what Christ Jesus showed to us by his life and works. (S25) What is the scientific statement as to man referred to in citation S26? See Science and Health 468:8-15 [and P.S. on Einstein’s view of it.]

So to recap: What did Jesus teach?

  • One God, and man in His image and likeness – citation S27;
  • Unity, knowledge, and fullness – citation S28;
  • Newness of life – citation S29.

Jesus was referred to as Jesus the Christ. You can be referred to as Christ-like.
Claim this yesterday, and today, and forever!

[P.S. on Einstein’s view of Mrs. Eddy’s “scientific statement of being” (S&H 468; S26) as “the most profound statement ever uttered by mankind”: See p.220 in the pdf attachment on Einstein in the upper right “Download” section of CedarS online Met at]

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