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[PSST: Claim exemption from all evil! Call upon the Lord to be delivered! (1)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

for Sunday, October 9, 2016 on

“Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?”

by Aubrey McMullin, C.S., Godfrey, Illinois
(618) 578-9407

As we look at this week's lesson, let's see if we can find the questions that we are being asked in each section!

PSST Golden Text: Experience God as our firm foundation!
Who are we really turning to in every situation? Who are we leaning on wholeheartedly? What is our firm foundation? Hymn 123:1-3*

PSST Responsive Reading: Always lean on God's constant support!
Who/what are we putting our complete trust in? Who/what are we trusting to defend us against sin, dis-ease, and death? In distress, who do we call on? Where does our strength come from? How do we know our way is made perfect? How do these answers ensure us that there can be NO sin, dis-ease, or death?

PSST Section 1: God's Kingdom does NOT include sin, dis-ease, or death!
Maybe some of your Sunday School students are CedarS campers, maybe not. Do they know the “Rock Song” version of citation B1? "I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, so shall I be safe from mine enemies. The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and may the God of my salvation be exalted! Hallelujah!" (Psalms 18:46) Are we calling upon the Lord? Does God save only a select few from danger, sin, dis-ease, and death? Not according to citation B3, “The Lord is good to ALL!” What does this mean? Is He even good to those who don't appear to be good? Do we know the Lord's Prayer? (B6) I'm not asking if we know the words. I'm asking if we really understand it! What does it mean? Why did Mary Baker Eddy feel inspired to write a spiritual interpretation of it? (S3) What's special about the Lord's Prayer to you? Why? If God is exempt from all evil, are we also as His reflections exempt? What is our highest selfhood and how do we cherish that and improve upon it? How do we protect this highest selfhood from anything that might hinder it?

PSST Section 2: God's omnipotent power frees us from sin!
Again, where are we putting our trust? Is there a power aside from God's power? In citation B7, what are we really asking for? Are we asking to be shown in anyone's ways, anyone's paths, any truth? Or are we asking specifically to be led in God's ways, paths, and into His truth? What's the difference? In citation B10, are we only asking God not to lead us into temptation? How do we say that when we say it in Sunday School? Are we leaving a pause after "temptation"? Why or why not? Take a look at citation S9. What does Mrs. Eddy mean by "the history of Christianity"? Take a look at the entire context of this paragraph of hers, perhaps by turning to page 387 in Science and Health and reading more around what was included in the lesson. What do the sub-texts imply leading up to the one that reads "Christian history"? Can anyone relate to what is recorded in citation S10? When have we ever needed to set aright mortal mind? What is sin? If in citation S12 it states that "sin should become unreal to everyone," then what are we saying should become unreal to EVERYONE?

PSST Section 3: Dis-ease is nothing compared to God's laws!
In the story in this section, how does Jesus answer the question about who sinned? Are we ever given two options to choose from and have chosen the third, the one that isn't listed, the one that brings everything back to God? How difficult is that sometimes? What are some trick questions that you've been asked lately, and how did you answer them? What do Hymns 12 & 13** remind us about answering difficult questions? How does citation S17 explain what is true and how this truth demonstrates that sin, dis-ease, and death cannot be true? In citation S18, why do you think Mrs. Eddy used the word "necessarily" when explaining that darkness gives place to light? Why do you think that the words "God with us" were used multiple times in this section to explain how God's laws are invaluable and that nothing can be compared to them?

PSST Section 4: Love, God, frees us from error's thrall (fear's prison)!
In the Bible we are told that there is no fear in Love because perfect love (God's love) casts out fear (1 John 4:18). Sometimes fear is prison enough: being afraid of what others think or will think, fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of someone or something, etc. What are some fears that have felt like prisons to you? How did Peter overcome the prison he was being held captive in? How did he escape? How does divine Love deliver us from fear's prison? How has divine Love ALWAYS met EVERY human need, and how can we trust that divine Love ALWAYS will meet EVERY human need? How does Love free us? Hymn 179***

PSST Section 5: Good is revealed as the ONLY reality!
When do we bless God? How is God magnified with us? And how do we give thanks? Are we trusting in God always and in every circumstance? Are we opening or closing the door to the truth (B23)? Is our thought rising above material suggestions being presented to us? How are we determining what is reality and what is not? If all is Love, can there be room for anything else (S26)? If "there is no power apart from God" (S27), then how can sin, dis-ease, or death be any part true?

* Hymn 123:1-3* "How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word. What more can He say than to you He hath said, To you who to God for your refuge have fled:

Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismayed, For I am thy God, I will still give thee aid;I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand;

When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie, My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply; The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine."

** Hymns 12 & 13** "Arise ye people, take your stand, Cast out your idols from the land, Above all doctrine, form or creed Is found the Truth that meets your need. Christ’s promise stands: they that believe His works shall do, his power receive.

Go forward then, and as ye preach So let your works confirm your speech, And prove to all with following sign The Word of God is power divine. In love and healing ministryShow forth the Truth that makes men free.

O Father-Mother God, whose plan Hath given dominion unto man, In Thine own image we may see Man pure and upright, whole and free. And ever through our work shall shine That light whose glory, Lord, is Thine."

*** Hymn 179*** "Love one another,—word of revelation; Love frees from error’s thrall,—Love is liberation. Love’s way the Master trod;He that loves shall walk with God. Love is the royal way.

Love knows no evil, neither shade of sadness; Love casts out every fear, lifts the heart to gladness. Love heals our every ill, All the law does love fulfill. Love is our answered prayer.

Love now is dawning over every nation; Showing true brotherhood, publishing salvation, Love bids all discord cease. Conquering hate, enthroning peace, Love, Love alone is power."

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