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[PSST: Cherish your spiritual nature and the results of daily living by it.]

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Soul and Body

for May 15-21, 2017

by Merrill Boudreaux, CS 314-308-1059

P.S.S.T. Golden Text – How do you identify yourself? Do you understand what your nature is? Do you have two identities, one spiritual and one material? How would that even be possible since one world precludes the other? Why does the Golden Text ask you to put on your new nature? Perhaps it means to identify yourself rightly and no more identify with matter but to identify with your one true nature created by God. Let’s look to this Lesson to see what that spiritual nature means for how you identify and live your life and what the daily results are.

P.S.S.T. Responsive Reading – Since all things are given for your sake, to what end are they given? Is it so that you may be rich in material things, houses, cars, bank accounts, even friends? Or is it so that you may be holy, full of grace? How might your daily experience be different if you were pursuing grace and holiness? Identify in the Responsive Reading the results of such pursuit:

  • You would not faint (not fatigued, weary, or give up in your pursuits)
  • You would be renewed day by day (every day presented with all the ideas needed to be gracious and holy, helpful and joyous)
  • See things in a new light, through the lens of Spirit
  • We have an eternal building or body
  • We have confidence that God is with us and we follow righteous (right thinking and right acting) pursuits
  • We are willing to be absent from material pursuits and have God present in our lives

P.S.S.T. Section 1 – What does God say about you in citation B2? That’s you – Her people, that’s you – being rejoiced over, that’s you – planted by God, held firm in your true nature, never deviating from Soul who created you.

In citation B3, how are you like a sheep? Where do you graze? What does your pasture look like? How do you know this is so? B4. God hath spoken it. Do you see that you shine forth as God’s perfection? What words in citation S7 reveal more about your nature? [“image” and “likeness”]. If you are created in God’s image and likeness, how do you think of yourself? Can you make mistakes? Are you holy? Are you righteous – right thinking and right acting?

P.S.S.T. Section 2 – What do you think it means in citation B5 to “cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils”? Does this statement tie back to the Golden Text to put on your new nature? To think of yourself and all others with a new thought? Remember you are holy, you are gracious; you are image and likeness. Why is this so for you? B7. You are subject to the law of God. The Spirit of God dwells in you and all others as well. Again, how do you identify yourself? S8. Answer the question posed by Mary Baker Eddy in citation S12. Why is it helpful to look away from the body for your identity? See the statement in full in citation S13. This occupancy in your thoughts 100% of the time helps you pursue or live your new nature.

P.S.S.T. Section 3 – What is a key quality stated in citation B8 to assist with putting on your new nature? Humility. How was this quality demanded of Naaman in the Bible story in citation B9? What was the result? There is a great memory opportunity in citation S14, “Willingness to become as a little child….” (S&H 323:32-5).

What guidance is provided in citation S16 to aid in putting on your new nature? Here is the big question for you in citation S17: Are you ignorant of God? Are you comfortable with that ignorance? In fact, in truth, can you be ignorant of God? Why not? Because of your nature. Remember, God’s image and likeness. You are pursuing grace and holiness.

P.S.S.T. Section 4 – In citation B11, what did Jesus say to his disciples and by extension, to you? Verses 31 and 32. Do you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus Christ? Do you pursue the path as stated in citation B12? Read together Hymn 292 from the Christian Science Hymnal. How does humanity benefit from pursuit of the law of Soul, the law of Life, seeking holiness and grace? S21. Don’t you desire to see harmony and immortality today – not in some far-off time and place?

P.S.S.T. Section 5 – From whom do you receive strength in this pursuit? B13. If you are skeptical or believe mankind is blind to this pursuit, see citation B14 verse 16. Your nature is renewed when your understanding increases. Read citation S24 in its entirety. If you are still doubtful about your nature, read citation S26. That is you, your true nature. Read the prayer of pursuit in Hymn 88 from the Christian Science Hymnal.

P.S.S.T. Section 6 – What does it mean to be sanctified? Think about the theme through this Lesson. To be holy, to be purified in your thought. Because Jesus was holy, pure in his thinking, and understood his nature as spiritual – God’s image and likeness, what was he able to do in citation S28? The pursuit of your real nature and of the true nature of all with whom you come in contact, assume that you can do likewise. Read together Mary Baker Eddy’s “Admonition and Counsel” in The First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscellany, p. 210:1-11.


Hymn 292:

Put on the whole armor of pure consecration, The breastplate of righteousness valiantly gird, With shield of true faith, and the helmet of salvation—The sword of the Spirit is God’s mighty Word!

For His is the greatness, the power and the glory, The victory His, when for succor we call; His majesty shines in creation’s wondrous story, And He is exalted as head over all!

Hymn 88:

Gracious Spirit, dwell with me: I myself would gracious be, And with words that help and heal Would Thy life in mine reveal; And with actions bold and meek Christ’s own gracious spirit speak.

Truthful Spirit, dwell with me: I myself would truthful be, And with wisdom kind and clear Let Thy life in mine appear; And with actions brotherly Follow Christ’s sincerity.

Mighty Spirit, dwell with me: I myself would mighty be, Mighty, that I may prevail Where unaided man must fail; Ever by triumphant hope Pressing on and bearing up.

Miscellany 210:1-11: What Our Leader Says

Beloved Christian Scientists, keep your minds so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them. It is plain that nothing can be added to the mind already full. There is no door through which evil can enter, and no space for evil to fill in a mind filled with goodness. Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited.

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