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[P.S.S.T.: Change everything by changing to a Christianly scientific perspective as articulated together. (1)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

Soul and Body”
for Sunday, November 23, 2014

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

PSST Golden Text: Look at the word "everlasting" and discuss the comfort present in that idea.  Consider with your students what it means for God to actually be their glory.  Does this mean to seek our glory in God, in the expression of Life, Soul?

PSST Responsive Reading: How often do your students give the glory of their good works to God?  How does it change our approach to what we do if it is for God's glory, to express God's goodness?

PSST Section 1: How is our perspective changed through the study of Science?  Mrs. Eddy claims it is as drastic a change as the changes astronomy has given to our view of the solar system.  Write out with your students what a non-scientific perspective might look like, and then counter that by articulating what our perspective is with Science informing us.  Look at the statements in this section to see specifically how they change our perspective. Perhaps a great way to approach this is to actually have students come up with scenarios they are struggling with and to discuss how your joint study of Science can change their perspective on that situation (then follow up with them next week to see how changing their perspective changed their experience)

PSST Section 2: What does it feel like to be of one Mind?  How can we be aware of the temptation to fall into a two-minded/multi-souled concept of Mind and Soul?  What can we do to maintain this one-Mind, one-Soul-ness?

How does a blade of grass or star have an identity?  What is identity made up of for the grass, the star, for us?  How does God maintain these? What does it mean that God is maintaining our identity – how is that comforting?

PSST Section 3: Work with your students to come up with a clear definition of purity.  What challenges our sense of purity on a regular basis? Do we hold our thought pure for others?  What happens, how can we respond, if we feel impure, or that we have fallen into temptation and compromised our purity?  Does God see our impurities?  Do we need to regain purity ever – can we ever lose it?  Really, can we ever lose our God-given purity?

PSST Section 4: Where is your faith?  Where is your students' faith?  It has been said that you never have less than 100% of your faith – the question is, where do you put it?  What are the benefits of having our faith rest in God, Good, Soul?  What are the impacts, specifically, on our body?

PSST Section 5: What is beauty?  What is beautiful?  Have your students come up with lists of things that are beautiful – and then identify the qualities of what makes things beautiful.  How do we layer in more Soul to feel more beautiful ourselves, and to see more beauty around us?  Is beauty something we are, or something we see?  How much does our approach to God, giving Her the glory of our expression, promote more beauty in our own lives?  What does it look like to reflect Soul? How much beauty is in that?




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