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[PSST: Begin and end rightly! (GT) Discover inseparable hearts—share reality! (4, 6)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;


for Sunday, September 25, 2016

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

PSST Golden Text (GT) – When is the beginning? What does Mrs. Eddy say about the beginning in her chapter on Genesis? Why does the beginning matter so much? Look at what Mary Baker Eddy says about beginning rightly. [‘To begin rightly is to end rightly.SH 262:28] Why is this so important in understanding “Reality”?

PSST Responsive Reading – Is the soil of our own hearts prepared to receive and benefit from the word of God? What does it take to prepare our thought to be inspired? When inspiration does come to us, what are we supposed to do with it?

PSST Section 1 – What role does God play in Reality? What role does the Word of God play? How do we put God in His rightful place in our lives, minds, hearts? How do we know when we have done so effectively?

PSST Section 2 – What role does faith play in Reality? How does faith integrate within our relationship to God? What examples of faith have your students been aware of recently? Are there any wonderful demonstrations of faith they have individually experienced? Consider looking up testimonies about faith on JSH Online and exploring the qualities of faith; ask your students, how can we increase our faith? How does faith help us see more of Reality?

PSST Section 3 – What is real? How do we know it is real? What does it mean to “try the spirits”? Is it okay for us to put God to the test? Is it okay for us to put our beliefs to the test? How do we do this? And how can we honestly know what is true? Consider the effects of truth, of that which is real. What are those effects? Do your students know what substance truly is? Perhaps that offers a clue as to how we can discern between the real and the unreal.

PSST Section 4 – What is Jesus so impressed with the centurion? Have your students experienced the same level of trust and understanding? Do they realize that there is a strong connection between the centurion’s approach and every time we call a Christian Science practitioner? What does Mrs. Eddy says about space and hearts? [“Space is no separator of hearts.” Misc. 150:10] How often are we willing to give up the materially tangible evidence in order to see more of what is actually real?

PSST Section 5 – What are darkness and light metaphors for in reality? What are the properties of darkness and light? Does light ever see darkness? Does reality ever see unreality? Does love ever see hate? Does truth ever see error? How can we be sure we are on the correct side of each concept? How does this connect to the idea of reality?

PSST Section 6 – What are we supposed to do with our understanding of reality? Is it enough for us to know reality on our own terms? Once we see further glimpses of reality, do we have any obligations to our fellow man, to God, or to ourselves? Is it enough that we see reality clearly? As we consider these questions, how are we to approach the sharing of Reality? How does Mrs. Eddy suggest we approach it? What must your students feel more comfortable with in their understanding of Christian Science before they are willing to share out their sense of Reality? How can we help them gain confidence in all areas of understanding Christian Science?

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