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[PSST: Be and see Love in action!]
CedarS Camps PSSTs (Possible Sunday School Topics)

prepared by Merrill Boudreaux, CS,

for the Christian Science Bible Lesson:  LOVE

January 26- February 1, 2015

P.S.S.T.  Golden Text (GT) – Ask students to share experiences where they have observed love in action. [Not a romanticized, valentine love, but a divine, unselfed love that’s put into action with "a desire of good for one you esteem", as the Greek "agape" love is translated into action.]

P.S.S.T.  Responsive Reading – What is the relationship between a shepherd and the sheep, and vice versa?  What do the sheep depend on the shepherd to provide?  Look to some of the actions identified in the Responsive Reading:

  • A shepherd seeketh out his flock that are scattered;
  • Protects them in the cloudy and dark day;
  • Feeds the flock;
  • Finds those that are lost;
  • Cares for those that are sick;
  • Protects the flock from the prey

How is God’s relationship with us and ours with God like that between a shepherd and the sheep?

P.S.S.T.  Section 1 – What are the characteristics of Love in the Bible portion of this Lesson?  What is a name for God (Deity) in citation S2?  What are the Father-Mother qualities for the offspring mentioned in the Science & Health portion of this Lesson?  What does Father-Mother provide for you as His-Her offspring?

P.S.S.T.  Section 2 – How did God, Love, provide for the offspring Abram and Lot?  What do you think this story represents about the shepherd caring for all the sheep?  What are the aspects of this story that can be applied to the Middle East and the apparent strife that exists there today?  Is God the shepherd of only a few or some, or are all included?  What are we called upon to do as our part in caring for brother and sister sheep? (S8)  Read Psalm XXIII in citation S10.  What promises are stated in this psalm for all the offspring of Love?

P.S.S.T.  Section 3 – Read the Bible story in citation B10.  What could a modern-day prophet tell the Prime Minister of Israel about the President of Syria that would save Israel and Syria as well as other countries in the Middle East?  Ask students to write a prayer-treatment for the Middle East.  Maybe it could be submitted as an article for a Christian Science periodical.  What is required of you in citation S14?  It would be helpful to “know thyself” and others too as created by Love, as the offspring of Love.  [Download the PDF file in the upper right of CedarS webpage on this "Love" lesson to discuss the infinite application blessings for you of "know(ing) thyself" as Love knows you. (from Warren's 12-5-02 CedarS Met about citation S14, 571:16)]

P.S.S.T.  Section 4 – How was the grace, mercy and peace of God as Love demonstrated in the Bible story in citation B13?  Was this healing work limited to Jesus’ time only?  Or, can demonstrations of God’s love and shepherding of us be evidenced today as well?  Was the demonstration of the restoring of sight, the physical healing, the paramount success?  Or, was the demonstration showing the power of divine Principle?  If so, then Principle is ever-present and ever-available.  What must you do to be able to call forth this Principle into action today?  That is, are there some practical steps you can take that gives evidence of divine Principle in action?  See the second half of citation S19.  What makes the frost or dew dissipate when the sun appears?  What qualities of the sun come into play?  Can you also express similar sun-like qualities as you pray for your fellow sheep?

P.S.S.T.  Section 5 – Read the Bible story in citation B17.  Ask students what they think the point of this story is, especially as offspring of Love.  Might it be that we have no record of the Samaritan and the man ever meeting again.  So perhaps the message is that what we do to and for each other when our paths cross is of paramount importance.  Read Science & Health 494:10-11.  How does divine Love meet human needs?  Isn’t it in, as, and through man, Love’s offspring?  What can be a prayer as we contemplate meeting our fellow sheep’s needs?  See Hymn 304 in the Christian Science Hymnal.  Read also citations S21, S22, and S24.  These are our marching orders.

P.S.S.T.  Section 6 – Summarize what you think it is your duty to do as stated in this Lesson.  Conclude with reading together Hymn 273 from the Christian Science Hymnal:

Partners of a glorious hope, Lift your hearts and voices up; Nobly let us bear the strife, Keep the holiness of life.

Still forget the things behind, Follow God, the only Mind, To the mark unwearied press, Seize the crown of righteousness.

In our lives our faith be known, Faith by holy actions shown; Faith that mountains can remove, Faith that always works by love.

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