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Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Manfor February 29 – March 6, 2016

prepared by Merrill Boudreaux, CS 314-308-1059

P.S.S.T. Golden Text –

  • Ask students to write out their answer to the question, “If God searched me, searched my innermost thoughts, what would God find there?”
  • Perhaps answer this way: “I am ___.”
  • Now ask students to complete this phrase: “What does God know about me?”

P.S.S.T. Responsive Reading – What is written in the Responsive Reading about the origin and nature of man? This means you. The lead-in may also be the last phrase in the Golden Text: “I have been remarkably and wonderfully made.”

  • In our image, after our likeness
  • It was very good
  • All things were made by him
  • Came for a witness, to bear witness
  • Born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God
  • We received grace

P.S.S.T. Section 1 – What is written in the Bible portion of this section regarding you?

  • God created man in his own image
  • Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee
  • The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me
  • Heirs of God
  • Delivered from the bondage of corruption
  • He is a new creature

P.S.S.T. Section 2 – You are called upon to reason rightly concerning who you are. How should you go about doing this? S-12. What are some of the qualities listed in citation S-12 about you and all mankind?

  • Spiritual existence
  • Holiness
  • Harmony
  • Immortality
  • Increased longevity
  • Purified and elevated character
  • Progress
  • Destroyer of error

P.S.S.T. Section 3 – What was the woman seeking in citation B-10? What did she get? What is the indication that not only her human needs were met (water), but her innermost desires were also met (to behold the Messias)?

Jesus abode with the Samaritans two days. What do you suppose he did while with them? S-13.

Are you an unprejudiced mind? That is, do you come to the Messias with a receptive and open thought? Are you able and willing to set aside pre-conceived notions about who you are, about what is presented by the physical senses?

Are you ready for the blessing? Do you give gratitude in advance? What is the promise given to you in citation S-16?

P.S.S.T. Section 4 – Indeed, what is man that God is mindful of him? B-11.

Read together the story of the centurion in citation B-12. What is at the heart of this story? Belief, faith, desire, hope, certainty? How could Jesus heal someone he hadn’t seen or met? Does this help prove the mental nature of error and how it can be overcome? S-20.

How can you speak with authority? S-21.

Ask students to memorize from citation S-20: “Let us banish sickness as an outlaw, and abide by the rule of perpetual harmony, — God’s law.” What is God’s law? The rule of perpetual harmony. [CedarS new watersports cableway system has HARMONY labeled as one of its four sides and ways to express “God’s being” S&H 481:3 & 470:23] Whatever is inharmonious is not from God and can therefore be banished from your experience. This is your basis for dominion over the whole earth [–for walking with Christ "o’er earth’s troubled, angry sea" (Hymn 253:4)].

P.S.S.T. Section 5 – When Jesus prayed and demonstrated his oneness with God, was he doing it for an isolated incident? B-13 (John 17: 20-23). See also citation S-22.

Ask students to read aloud citation S-26. Ask students to write down 3–5 items of gratitude because they have Christian Science (the Science of divine Mind) in their lives.

P.S.S.T. Section 6 – What does it mean for you to “mark the perfect man, and behold the upright…” in citation B-16?

Read together citation B-18. Help students understand that Mary Baker Eddy gave this as the correlative biblical passage to the Scientific Statement of Being read at every Sunday Church service – church and Sunday School. See the Manual of The Mother Church, page 121, item 13, in the “Present Order of Services in The Mother Church and Branch Churches.”

Sum up the lesson with reading together citation S-31.

  • Sinless joy
  • Perfect harmony
  • Immortality of Life
  • Unlimited divine beauty and goodness as your possession
  • Not a single bodily pleasure or pain
  • You: indestructible man – a spiritual being
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