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[PSST: Address fears specifically and move fearlessly forward in your academic and athletic seasons (RR, 3). Counter the negative components of time (1, 4, 6). Remain consistent (5).]

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for July 22, 2018

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST Golden Text: What does it mean to choose life? Is this a choice we must make? How often? How does choosing life allow us to love God, obey Her, and cling to Him? Discuss the value of Life as a synonym of God with your students, and see what light that sheds on this discussion.

PSST Responsive Reading (RR): The first questions of the RR are great to consider – what is there to fear, and of whom are we afraid? But rather than dismissing fear as impossible, discuss with your students what we are tempted to fear, and how dwelling in Life’s house helps to address those fears.

Lastly, there is so much good advice in this RR! Ask your students to identify each piece of advice, each direction shared, and then discuss which ideas are most helpful and how your students might put that into practice during the coming week.

PSST Section 1: How do your students relate to time? This section has a lot of great ideas about time and day in it. Do your students simply let time consume them? How can they respond to the temptation to be consumed by time? How does the concept of “day” as explained in this section help to counter the negative components of time?

PSST Section 2: Why is Exodus 16:21 such a critical verse? And how does verse 21 (B6) directly lead to verse 35 of the same citation? Think about how it connects to the Lord’s Prayer? Clearly Jesus, too, thought this was a critical idea to understand, if he included it in his direct instructions on how to pray. Do we see and feel the importance of approaching God, good, and daily supply this way? Why is the morning so important? What is the ‘manna’ we receive each morning and what does that teach us about Life?

PSST Section 3: What happened once the storms rose up on the sea that the disciples were sailing across? What was it about Jesus that gave him dominion over the troubled seas? And what happens when the Christ idea is accepted into the ship? How can we apply this to times in our lives when we feel like we’re stuck on troubled waters?

How can we listen to Christ’s command to “be not afraid”? Where does unspeakable peace come from? What is true substance? (S17) How does this impact your students’ approach to their coming academic and athletic seasons? What qualities should be present in their thought (S19) as they move forward?

PSST Section 4: Look at citation B17. What does this mean? How do your students understand it? How does it relate to the story in this section? And how does it relate to your students’ lives? Is it relevant to teenagers?

How is it that “the measurement of solar years robs youth”? What could measuring life in years take away from our students? In younger years, it is really tempting to measure everything according to years, because so many milestones are attached to the years we’ve been in this mortal picture…how can your students push back against this? Why would they want to?

PSST Section 5: What is the value of sameness, or consistency? Why does it matter that Jesus, the manifestation of the Christ idea in the flesh, is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow? Do your students value consistency? Is it important for them to remain consistent? In what ways is it helpful?

How does the material picture line up with inconsistency? Why is that important to avoid? How does this section bring sameness into the same conversation as eternal life? How does that reach your students? Do they see the connection clearly?

PSST Section 6: What is eternal life? Does that concept even strike a chord with your students? And even if they can comprehend or consider Life as not ending at death, what does that mean for them right now? How is this concept of life that knows no death or limitation relevant to their current experience? How can they put that into practice this coming week? Think with them about the impact of this section on all aspects of their experience – in family, in social contexts, in school, in sports.

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