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PSST: Remember the yeast! (3) Pray AND Fast! (5) “Harvest time is surely here!” (7)
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

 “Christian Science”
for classes on June 27, 2021

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.


 Golden Text Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST): What’s most needed from our Pastor?
Who/what is our Pastor in Christian Science? (Jer. 2:1;3:15)
What does Mary Baker Eddy mean when she calls it our “dual and impersonal Pastor”?
How does our Pastor feed us with knowledge and understanding? What knowledge does our Pastor give to us? What understanding is most important to gain from our Pastor?


Responsive Reading PSSTs: How helpful it to consider God’s law every day?
What is a covenant? Why does the Bible so regularly refer to covenants between God and his people? Have your students established a covenant with God? What does it take to do so? What covenants from the Bible are still relevant today?
What does the book of the law have to teach us today?
How often do your students consider God’s law and how helpful it is every day?


Section 1 PSSTsHow does Christian Science give comfort to you AND to all mankind?
How do your students experience grace and truth in their lives? How does judgment relate to gaining greater vision? What does Christ’s judgment help us to discern?
What is the Comforter spoken of by St. John?
How does Christian Science provide comfort to not only your students but to all mankind?


Section 2 PSSTs: [Will you TAKE the angel’s little book and eat it up?]
What is the little book in the angel’s hand? What does John do with the little book?
What are we to do with the little book? How much effort should we put into understanding this little book? What is the result of taking and eating it up?
What must we commit to in order to fully understand what the little book has to offer?
How far does the impact of the little book reach?



Section 3 PSSTs: [Add the yeast of spiritual sense! (cit. B8/Mat. 13:33 & 6-26 audio Prac Talk)]
How do we hear, see, feel spiritually? (cit. B8/Matt. 13:13, 16)
Why does hearing, seeing, feeling humanly not give us an accurate sense of reality?

How can we develop spiritual senses that are sensitive to the inspiration of Science? (cit. S14/272:19-25)
How does developing our spiritual senses lead us to a greater sense of freedom?



Section 4 PSSTs: [Restore the lost element of Christian healing! (cit. S15/146:2-3)]
What is the source of healing? How did Mary Baker Eddy prove the efficacy of Science?
How do morals play a role in this Science and the effective demonstration of healing?
How can your students practice and get more consistent with being governed by God?
Is this a natural state of being for them? How do we correct erroneous thinking?


Section 5 PSSTs: [Uplift both prayer & fasting and use both to heal! (cit. B13/Mat. 17:14-21)]
Why were Jesus’ disciples not able to demonstrate Truth with the child? (cit. B13/Mat. 17:14-21)
How do your students relate to the disciples? Have they felt that way before?
How can we respond to these false and incomplete ideals?
When and where does God show up to help us? How can we call on Love?
What thoughts should we hold consistently; and what are the facts of Christian Science?


Section 6 PSSTs: [Honor God in your daily walk and life! (cit. S27/483:19-5)]
How does Christian Science honor God? (cit. S27/483:19-5)
Do your students honor God in their daily walk and life?
Why is unselfishness so important to the work of Christian Scientists?
How can your students discern between a demonstration that is selfish and unselfish?
How can we ensure that our practice of Christian Science is built on a rock?

How do you “prove for yourself… the Science of healing”? (cit. S28/547:6)



Section 7 PSSTs: [“Harvest time is surely here!” (Hymn 97:2)]
What is the meaning of fields being “white already to harvest”? (cit. B15/John 4:35)
How does that relate to our own thinking and experience?

What are simple statements your students can use as stepping stones to the full understanding of Christian Science? (cit. S29/547:1-3)
How do the daily demonstrations that we are part of or witness to relate to the seemingly grander demonstrations of the Master, Mary Baker Eddy, and other experienced healers?

What does it mean to be “honest seekers for Truth”? (cit. S31/xii:23-26)
How do your students honestly seek Truth?
How can we recognize honest seekers around us?
And how should we interact with them?



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