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PSST: Possible Sunday School Topics to gain freedom from every old and new lie!
ossible Sunday School Topics for The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on
Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced
– for May 28, 2023

offered by Steve Henn, a former CedarS Program Director
now from Austin TX   703-307-2145

PSST for the Golden Text (GT):

How does the phrase “I am the Lord that healeth thee” demonstrate God’s compassion and care for His people?
How can we apply this message to our own lives when facing physical or emotional challenges?
In this lesson, consider how the Bible stories and examples of God’s healing power further illustrate the qualities and attributes of God conveyed in this passage.

PSST for the Responsive Reading (RR):

What do these passages teach us about the worship of One God vs. other gods?
How does worship of God relate to serving and obeying Her?
What are some practical ways we can apply the principles of serving and obeying the Lord in sincerity and truth in our daily lives?
How does serving and obeying God lead to greater freedoms in our lives?

PSST for Section 1:

Why is God’s, Love’s, power glorious?
Who or what does this power overthrow, that would attempt to rise up against us?
What attributes of God does this section reveal and more fully illustrate?
In Luke, what was written in the book of the prophet Esaias (Isaiah) that Jesus read and declared as His mission?  (Luke 4:17, citation B2)
How did Jesus demonstrate His authority and power?
What is the result of acknowledging no power apart from God? What does it mean for a Christian Scientist to enlist in lessening evil, disease, and death, as stated in Science and Health (cit. S5, 450:9)?

PSST for Section 2:

According to Romans, how does the carnal mind relate to God? (cit. B4, Rom. 8:7)

What are the temptations and pitfalls of serving other gods and being enticed by the carnal mind?
Who might entice your students to be less than fully committed to loving Truth, Life, Soul?
How do the ideas in this section help us to stand up against these temptations?

PSST for Section 3:

What warning does God give to the people regarding turning aside and serving other gods?
How does Jesus demonstrate God’s healing power? (cit. B4, Matt. 12:22-28)
How do Jesus’ healing methods work without the use of drugs or hypnotism?  (cit. S12, 185:22-7)
How does Christian Science view disease and its healing?
In what ways does genuine Christian Science practice enhance your students’ mental, moral, and spiritual well-being? (cit. S17, 375:15)

PSST for Section 4:

How can your students apply the message of Ephesians in their daily lives?  (cit. B12, Eph. 5:1, 11)
What can we learn from Philip’s experiences in Acts about sharing our faith with others?  (cit. B13, Acts 8:5+)
What does the story of Simon in Acts teach us about the misuse of power and the importance of repentance?
How does S&H emphasize the importance of relying on divine power rather than human will in healing? (cit. S18, 144:14)

What does it mean to demonstrate healing with scientific certainty based on the divine Principle of Love? (cit. S20, 496:15)

PSST for Section 5:

What happens when we turn to God?
How do Peter and John demonstrate this?
How does the spiritual idea of Christ, as the reflection of God, bring power and grace to those prepared to receive it?
What can we do to be better prepared in our own lives?

How does Christian Science view medicine and healing in contrast to material hygiene, manipulation, and practices like animal magnetism or hypnotism?
In the context of disease, how does Science and Health guide us to rise in rebellion against illness and align our consciousness with the true consciousness of Life as Love and Spirit?

PSST for Section 6:

What attributes of God are reinforced in the Bible passages of this section? (comfort in Isa. 40:1; healeth me in Ps. 30:2; power, victory in I Chron. 29:11; supply all need in Phil. 4:19)
In Science and Health, why is it stated that God’s infinite presence makes Him the only reliable power and presence? (cit. S28, 471:18)

What does Science and Health emphasize about the reliability of the Science of Christ and the healing power of divine Love for all mankind?
How is Divine Science a comfort to all who seek to rely on it?
How can we demonstrate Divine Science in providing comfort to others? (cit. S30, 55:15-29)

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