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[PSST: The Comforter has come to make this your most blessed and BLESSING Christmas YET!]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Christ Jesus ”
for classes on Sunday, December 24, 2023

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.
now from Austin, TX

[with bracketed text by Inspirational Offerings editor, Warren Huff]

Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs) for the GOLDEN TEXT: [“My sheep RECOGNIZE my voice, and I KNOW them, and they FOLLOW me.” John 10:27 (The Living Bible)]

In the Christmas season, what are the various messages your students are confronted with?
How can they discern which is truly God’s voice, the voice of Truth, Love, Spirit?

Consider the verbs [made upper case in the Golden Text above of RECOGNIZE, KNOW, FOLLOW]; what do these suggest about where our focus should be leading up to and on Christmas day?

Responsive Reading (RR) PSSTs: 

What do Joseph and the three Wiseman have in common? [Matt. 1:18-24 and Matt. 2:1-11]
Why are they featured at the start of our lesson on Christmas Eve Sunday?
Why is their role so important in this Christmas story?
How do the qualities they share relate to our modern day celebration of Christmas?

Section 1 PSSTs:

Are each of your students “prepared to receive Christ”? [cit. S4/333:16-23]

What does it mean to be prepared? Why is it important for us to do this?

How do the different verbs [recognize, know, and follow] in the Golden Text either help us or distract us from this important work of responding to all the [multitude of marketing] messages that confront us at Christmas?

Section 2 PSSTs:

What does it mean to be “about our Father’s business”? [Luke 2:49]
What is God’s business, especially in the Christmas season? [wsee here Christ quoted Elijah’s prophecy of him as Messiah in Luke 4:18, “The Spirit… anointed (Christos in Greek) me to preach the (good news of wholeness & love for all in God’s family) … He sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and the recovering of sight to the blind, to setat liberty them that are bruised …” ]

When your students are on vacation from school, what can they be doing to be “about our Father’s business” by becoming as little children and taking on new, more spiritual views of [and anointed Christly roles in] life, school, family, etc.? [see Luke 4:18]

Section 3 PSSTs:

What is meekness and why is it so important to the demonstration of Christian Science? [Matt. 5:5/cit. B7]
How is meekness present in the Christmas story told earlier in this lesson? [Matthew, chapters 1 & 2, Responsive Reading]

How does meekness help your students navigate the obstacles and opportunities your students are experiencing?
What other qualities of Christ are identified in this section, [cit. B12/Phil. 2:8 “ob_ _ _ _ _ _”; cit. S16/270:23 “Meekness and ch _ _ _ _ _” ] and how do they relate to Christmas and our demonstration of Christian Science?

Section 4 PSSTs:

Why do we want to be both like serpents and doves? [cit. B15/Mt. 10:16]
Why is the balance between these two expressions of God valuable and important?
What do we need to be wise about? How does this wisdom protect us?
Why is it important for us to be innocent? What does this innocence open us up to receiving?

How are both of these qualities [wisdom and innocence] helpful in celebrating Christmas?

Section 5 PSSTs:

Why could the blind men see what those who were with, and particularly those who were prosecuting Jesus, could not see? [cit. B19/Matt. 20:30-34]

Work with your students to identify the creeds, ceremonies and rituals that Jesus defied during his ministry; then discuss what creeds, ceremonies and rituals are present today — both in and out of Christian Science — how can we work to defy these in our celebration of Christmas and our practice of Christian Science? [cit. S23/135:26]

Section 6 PSSTs:

How do we “interpret God aright”? [cit. S30/127:26]
What does it mean to be comforted [both humanly and divinely as prophesied in John 14:16/cit. B22 & cit. S29/55:27] ?
Why are comfort and the Comforter so important?
How do comfort and the Comforter help us to better celebrate Christmas?
What is the difference between being comforted [by the Comforter] and being comfortable?
Which is more helpful to our practice of Christian Science, why?

Section 7 PSSTs:

What does it mean to “follow”? [cit. B24/Luke 18:22 and cit. S32/227:21-26]
How do we follow Christ, Truth [as the Golden Text begins and these citations end the Bible Lesson]? Why is this important?

How does following Mind, Christ, God, Love [and our anointed Christly role as spelled out Section 2 PSSTs and in Luke 4:18] help us to enjoy and celebrate the Christmas holiday?
How does doing this help us to turn Christmas into more than a time of gifts and good food?

What will your students do on Christmas to claim and demonstrate their “divine right”?  [cit. S32/227:21-26]

Wishing you & the entire CedarS family your Merriest  yet Christmas of following Christ! And a WONDERFUL, [blessed and blessing] holiday filled with Love, Truth and Life!!

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