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PSST: Find one powerful healing each week to share. (3)
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for classes on September 24, 2022

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.

Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs) for the GOLDEN TEXT

What does “now” mean? How about “accepted” and “salvation”?
What central principle is being expressed here?
How can we put this rule into practice daily?
What evidence is there that this principle is in operation here and now?

Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs) for RESPONSIVE READING

This Responsive Reading is filled with memorable passages.
Have your students pick one or two of them to commit to memory before the end of class. Then use that memorized passage to explore key ideas throughout the lesson.

How do we wake out of sleep? [“now… high time to awake…” Romans 13:11]
How can we know that we are truly awake to God’s spiritual reality?

Section 1 PSSTs: [Reckon “God as the divine principle of all” (cit. S1)]

How must we begin to understand reality? [citation S1/275:10-12]
How can we discern between reality and unreality? What does eternity have to do with this discernment?
How does perfection fit within reality and eternity?  (cit. S5/363:16-17)

Section 2 PSSTs: When God sees everything he made, what does He declare? What does it mean that the heavens were finished?  [Genesis 1:31]
What help did God’s creation need at the beginning to be in balance?
What is it that causes the plant, or any other element of God’s creation, to grow? [Gen. 2:1, 4, 5] 

How can  students relate [“growth … the eternal mandate of Mind” 520:24] to their own experience and growth?
What is “the purpose and motive” of your students’ days? [cit. S10/326:16-17]
How can these be directed to show us more about reality?

Section 3 PSSTs: Find one powerful healing each week to share.

What is Satan doing when God finds him ? [“going to and fro… up and down” Job 2:2/cit. B7]
How do Satan’s actions relate to the belief of dualism?
What is the belief of dualism?
What is the core of the lesson that Job learns?
What is the practical result of Job’s learning this lesson? [“turned captivity.. when he prayed for his friends”  Job 42:10/cit. B10]
What practical results have your students seen when they learn more about God, and grow closer to Her?
What’s the purpose & impact of prayer? What does prayer not do? [cit. S13/11:27]

What stories do you have of effective prayer that you can share with your students? Consider finding one powerful healing each week to share with your students – whether it is personal to you, or from the large catalog of healings in the Journal, Sentinel and Herald archives. These can be found at

Section 4 PSSTs: How do students describe Jesus in this section?

What qualities is he expressing in both healing situations? (Mark 1:23-34/B11) How do those around him respond to his healing work?

What does this teach us about the role healing has to play in teaching us and others about reality? What aspects of reality are at the heart of Jesus’ healings?

When is the day of salvation? How can your students learn to demonstrate this truth on a daily basis?

Was Jesus’ healing work only possible in his time, so many years ago?
How do we know that healing is possible today?

Section 5 PSSTs: How can students plant themselves in God’s house? What does flourishing look like for those who do? (Ps. 92:13/cit. B15; Ps. 1:3/B17)
How does gratitude fit within the process of healing and demonstration of reality? How does God’s law teach us about reality?
Is this path a hard one to follow?  What makes it seem hard, and how is this path actually end up being less difficult?

Section 6 PSSTs: When is the accepted time?

When is the day of salvation?
When can we realize reality in its fullest form?
How can we discern right here and now between the real and the unreal? [“All the real is eternal.” cit. S29/353:16 (only)]


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