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Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for Sunday, August 24, 2014

Prepared by Rick Stewart, C.S. Dresden, Germany —Tel. +49 351 312 4736

[Bracketed italics added by CedarS Director, Warren Huff, who thanks the anonymous donor who just made possible the upgrading of 3 stationary trucks to ones that run & will serve CedarS well for many summers!]

A few days ago I flew over the wheat lands of Kansas in the heart of the USA.  I saw below me from 34,000 feet a fascinating pattern of giant green circles.  Outside of these green circles all was brown.  I realized this pattern was the result of giant irrigation sprinklers used to water the crops. The only areas that were green were those watered or irrigated by rolling sprinklers.

As I looked, an interesting idea occurred to me.  I thought this was a perfect example of the difference between the efforts of humanity to do something and the universal, impartial expression of the infinite Mind, God.  For example the limited, spotty watering of the fields only resulted in certain green areas.  If instead, a drenching, gully washing rain blanketed this region, the water would refresh and green up the entire area without exception.

And so it is with the Mind of God being expressed, it blesses everyone and everything.

The Golden Text and the Responsive Reading this week both focus on the qualities of Mind that are sourced in God.  We are told in the Golden Text that "wisdom and might are his." (Daniel 2:20)  And the Responsive Reading continues by encouraging us to trust God, and "lean not unto thine own understanding."…"out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."…"Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep."…"Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite thee." 

Section 1:  One infinite Mind is the Mind of all.
What a sense of peace and understanding comes as we begin to recognize God as the one and only Mind of all.  Understanding that infinite Mind is being expressed through all creation and by all creation refreshes and restores like a gentle rain in a day of drought.  As the prophet Isaiah wrote, “The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs" in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail."  (Isa. 58:11, NIV) 

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome, "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things." (B-4)  Wisdom and knowledge are certainly qualities we identify as sourced in Mind.  And in this verse I have always thought that Paul is identifying God, Mind as the source (of him), the means (through him), and to him (the end.)

Many of our CedarS family of subscribers are right now at the start of a new school year.  How helpful and inspiring it is to know that every single day of school you will have the opportunity to know and understand that God is the source of your intelligence, your understanding, your wisdom.

As our Leader writes in citation S-3,
"All substance, intelligence, wisdom, being, immortality, cause, and effect belong to God.  These are His attributes, the eternal manifestations of the infinite divine Principle, Love.  No wisdom is wise but His wisdom; no truth is true, no love is lovely, no life is Life but the divine, no good is but the good God bestows."

"Divine metaphysics, as revealed to spiritual understanding, shows clearly that all is Mind, and that Mind is God, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, — that is, all power, all presence, all Science.  He all is in reality the manifestation of Mind." (275:14)

From kindergarten, to elementary school, to high school, to college what a powerful tool to "re-" mind ourselves, to remember that God is our one and only Mind. [It’s difficult to overstate the benefits of re-Minding yourself that “I am still with Thee” (B3) as described in W’s P.S. #1 & Hymn #317.]

Section 2:  The saving power of being one with Mind.
If you lived on a farm and it was your responsibility to keep the crops watered, would it make sense to go to the well with a teaspoon, dip the water out, and spread it on the crops?  Well, maybe only if you want to demonstrate a little version of eternity, that being how long it would take you to water a crop with a spoon!

In Ecclesiastes 9 (B-7) we read an account of a city under siege and that a poor wise man saved the city by his wisdom.  If we follow our ongoing reasoning of identifying our thought as sourced in God, then we might glimpse how that allows each of us to access an unlimited mind for our solutions.  [See W’s P.S. #2 for more on how knowing yourself as God knows you sets you up to “meet every adverse circumstance as its master” like Rick did below. (S&H 419:16]

In the early 1980's I lived on a large ranch near Ocala, Florida.  My nearest neighbor was 2 miles away.  And there was a longstanding problem with illegal hunters coming onto the property.  Since these poachers were all armed I needed to be very alert in my daily routines on the ranch.  So I prayed a great deal about the problem.  It happened to be the week of the Bible Lesson, "Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced.”  That lesson was filled with powerful prayer ideas for defeating unprincipled actions.  But there were times I felt like that poor wise man facing a mighty siege.  I realized that only through allying myself whole-heartedly with God was I going to find a solution.  So I prayed and prayed.  On Monday of that week I was at my cabin with my brother Gary, and two friends he had invited out to take a horseback ride.  As we stood there talking two high-powered rifle shots rang out from a few hundred yards away.  The horses were already saddled so Gary and I swung into the saddle and galloped in the direction of the shots.  We arrived in time to scare away a poacher and were able to recover a doe deer and two small wild pigs that the poacher had shot.  I saw a little glimmer of hope in our fight against the onslaught of poachers; they had not gotten away with their spoils.  So then I redoubled my prayers.  

A friend asked permission to hunt on the ranch and I told him that it was a wildlife refuge and we did not allow hunting.  But then an idea came to me.  I recommended that he take up his hunting stand just outside our fence and if he saw any suspicious activity he could let me know.  And sure enough, he had not been there long when he saw someone cross the fence carrying a rifle and head onto our property.  This friend let me know and I immediately called the State Wildlife Officer in charge of our area.  We staked out the route where the poacher had entered and waited.  In just a couple of hours out he came.  He was a carrying a deer he had shot on our property.  He was arrested, charged with armed trespass, and went to jail.   The ripple effect of this arrest put a quick stop to the wave of poaching.  And since that time that particular Bible Lesson topic has been a favorite.

Although I had not faced an attacking army, there were times when it had seemed as if it was just little me against an army of poachers.  Listening to Mind allowed me to utilize that wonderful inspiring oneness with Mind to defend the ranch and our animals.

Section 3: Naturally in-tune with Mind
What a joy it is to have glimpses of the omnipresence of Mind.  In this section we have two powerful examples of this presence of Mind.  Simeon was a man living in Jerusalem who had prayerfully looked for assurances regarding Israel.  When Jesus was brought to the Temple as an infant to fulfill Jewish law, Simeon recognized the significance of that babe. (B-10)  "Mine eyes have seen thy salvation, which thou hast prepared before the face of all people.  A light to lighten all Gentiles, and the glory of Thy people.”  [See W’s P.S. #3 for Cobbey Crisler’s insights on citation B10, Luke 2:25-47 about Simeon and Anna and about young Jesus’ encounter with the rabbis.]

The end of the second chapter of Luke's Gospel tells the wonderful story of Jesus talking with the learned scholars in the Temple and how impressed they were with his knowledge.  Isn't that the perfect example as school gets started in the fall?  (B-10)

Mrs. Eddy writes, (S-12) and (S-14) “Truth and Love enlighten the understanding,  in whose "light shall we see light;" and this illumination is reflected spiritually by all who walk in the light and turn away from a false material sense."  (p. 510)  "Spirit imparts the understanding which uplifts consciousness and leads into all truth."

Sometimes we are tempted to personalize this presence of Mind as if it is some kind of miraculous gift that some possess and others do not.  But when you turn the heating on or light a fire on a cold winter's night this warmth bathes all who rest in its embrace.

My son, Noah, gave a testimony the other evening at church that had to do with this presence of Mind.  One of the water ski campers had lost a ring in the water near their ski boat.  It was not deep, but it was deep, dark brown water.  One of their counselors was looking for the ring, and as they looked they decided to "have a MET." (Share some spiritual ideas)  The Ski camp practitioner told of an experience she had had years before. when she was at another camp. She was swimming in the middle of the lake and her ring fell off.  She prayed diligently and searched and searched.  She did not find the ring.  But even though she left camp without the ring, she had opened her thought to the presence of Mind.  Two years later she returned to the lake where she had been swimming.  And there sitting on top of a rock at the edge of the lake was her ring.

The very moment when she finished sharing this testimony, the counselor who had been searching for the ring suddenly declared, "I found it!"

Mind is expressed and is ever available.  What a joy it brings to our lives be able to see and experience this wonderful "presence of Mind" to know what we need to know.

Section 4: Faith in Mind keeps you knocking!
We know Jesus healed "every sickness and every disease among the people."  (B-12, Matthew 9:35)  We also know that Mary Baker Eddy healed and also her students.  I know that my mom, my dad, all my brothers and sister have been healed.  I know I have been healed of many, many diseases and problems sometimes quickly and sometimes instantly over a few years.  I know my kids have been healed.  There are people that I am in touch with in many corners of the world that have had many, many healings.  So I am never tempted to ask, "Why isn't there healing going on?”—because the simple fact is that healing is going on every single minute!

But, guess what?  Sometimes you have to demand healing.  You have to vehemently expect healing.  You have to do what our Master recommended, knock, knock, knock!  There are two examples of this Mind-set in the Gospels.  In citation B-13 in this week’s lesson (Matthew 15) and then the parable from Luke 11:8 about the man with unexpected guests who got bread from his neighbor.  He only got the bread because he kept knocking, knocking, and knocking [with importunity].

In citation S-19 Mrs. Eddy writes, "Mentally insist that harmony is the fact, and that sickness is a temporal dream.  Realize the presence of health and the fact of harmonious being, until the body corresponds with the normal conditions of health and harmony." (412:23-31)

So how long do treat?  Well, it is very simple, until the healing takes place.

I mentioned the ranch where I lived for a few years.  Well, I had been invited to live there by the family that owned the ranch.  And it was a real paradise.  It was called Seven Springs Ranch.     There were actually 13 springs.  And it was beautiful.  But, when then the day came that I was actually passing through the gate for the first time as a resident, the lock on the gate would not open.  I tried, and tried, and tried.  Nothing worked.  And I began to second guess myself.  Had the family decided to not allow me to live there?  Did I have the wrong number?  So many doubts all of a sudden and only chased away by a firm statement of the Truth.  And then I snatched that lock with all my might and guess what it opened right up.  Conviction.  Faith.  Importunity.  When that lock finally opened I drove in with confidence.

Insist.  Demand.  Know.

Section 5: Always keep the door open to Mind's redemption.
Have you ever noticed how hard we can be on others when we think we have "got it?"  You know what I mean, when we join the murmuring against someone, or also when we join the murmuring against ourselves.  You see Jesus did not leave anyone behind.  Long before faithful, courageous soldiers pledged to leave no one behind, our Master demonstrated that he was not going to leave anyone behind.  With the Mind that is God he saw the slightest indication of a rise to awakening, a rise to Principle, a rise to Love.  He discerned the thought that was ready to leave the lie behind and live the Life that is harmonious Mind expressed,

In citation B-17 (Luke 19:2-10) we read about Zacchaeus climbing the tree to see Jesus.  And even though he was a dishonest government official, a tax man,  Jesus discerned that here was a man ready to change, ready to give, ready to be re-Minded as to who he really was.  

Mrs. Eddy writes, "To ascertain our progress, we must learn where our affections are placed and whom we acknowledge and obey as God." (S-23, 239:16)

When we desire Truth above all else we are ready to change our Mind.  We are ready to be re-Minded as to who we really are.  And we never again want to be a little-minded murmurer, but want instead to become a love-Minded cheerleader.  [We fulfill our “reason for existing” (My. 165) as we] cheer on those who are ready to be a single-Minded man or woman instead of being a "double-minded man… unstable in all his ways." (B-15, James 1:8)

Section 6: Heal by renewing, restoring, realigning, re-Minding.
In citation B-19 the Apostle Paul "wrought special miracles." (Acts 19)  And then some Jews tried to duplicate his works by just referring to Jesus by name.  Not only did it not work, but they ended up attacked and naked.  The real exposure was their attempt to use the words of Paul without the spirit and understanding of the power of the Christ.  Remember it was Paul who wrote, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." (B-11, Philippians 2:5)  Not just the words are needed, but the spirit of the Word and the oneness with the Mind of God.

It is just like today when there is sometimes an attempt to include Christian Science with some materially-mental systems that do not honor the significance of this Mind of Christ.  It is clearly explained in citations S-25, "The struggle for the recovery of invalids goes on, not between material methods, but between mortal minds and immortal Mind." (145:8-17) And citation S-27 states, “The Christian Scientist demonstrates that divine Mind heals, while the hypnotist dispossesses the patient of his individuality in order to control him.  No person is benefitted by yielding his mentality to any mental despotism or malpractice.  All unscientific mental practice is erroneous and powerless and should be understood and so rendered fruitless." (375:11)

Some years ago Mayal, a friend from Democratic Republic of Congo, spent the winter with me in Florida.  He told of a friend of his that had embraced Christian Science.  He was living in the city but returned to his home village for a visit after he had discovered Christian Science.  There was a stir among his family and a man in the village that was practitioner of traditional medicine including shamanism.  This young man experienced great antagonism toward his new found faith.  He decided to return to the city and perhaps never come.  As he began the journey back to the city he was just outside of the village.  And there lying in his path was a large lion.  At first somewhat scared he began to pray and then the thought occurred to him that the lion was not really there!  When he realized this fact and affirmed the fact of one Mind, God, the lion vanished from his sight.  The young man continued on his way without fear.  After some time he decided to return to his village.  This time he was welcomed with respect and no antagonism.  He was told that the shaman had returned to the village and reported that the new path the young man was following was of great power.  It seemed that the shaman had tried to influence the young man through trying to make him see something that was not indeed there, only projected thought.  The young man saw though the manipulation with the truth of one Mind.

Whether the lurking fear of a seeming dangerous lion or of a threatening contagion, our method remains the same.  Mind, God governs and controls all harmoniously.  Mind, God knows no disease.  This fact heals and protects and immunizes all who understand its truth.

Section 7: A Mindful time of peace, joy, power, and grace.
Our Bible Lesson concludes powerfully as usual, but with the gentle grace, the certainty that we have the mind of Christ.  With a loving, contemplative affirmation that grace and peace are multiplied in our experience and that we do indeed have the mind of Christ.  (B-21 & B-23)

In Science and Health we read, "Having no other gods, turning to no other but the one perfect Mind to guide him, man is the likeness of God pure and eternal, having that Mind which was also in Christ."  (S-29, 467:13)  And our final [depression-busting] citation is, "The calm and exalted thought or spiritual apprehension is at peace.  Thus the dawn of ideas goes on, forming each successive stage of progress." (S-30, 506:11)  [See W’s P.S. #4 on solemnly praying for the mental wellness.  We can help dear ones tempted to be depressed or suicidal or (with retroactive treatments) can help loved ones of those who have already done so, by affirming for all that each of us expresses the mental wellness, grace and peace that are characteristic of “the calm and exalted thought or spiritual apprehension” of “the mind of Christ.” (S30, B23)] 

In recent weeks we have seen this grace multiplied to us as we travelled through the USA—from Noah's application for a driver's license to my need to rent a car on the West coast when the required credit card was not available.  In both cases God’s graces were manifest, reflected and expressed.  Service, care, and grace were showered on us.  And in the midst of each experience we held up the promise of the healing Comforter and shared gratefully.

One of the most powerful messages from our Father-Mother Mind that is poured forth on each of us is that God, Mind, our Father-Mother loves each of us tenderly.  As we read in Hymn 9 from the Christian Science Hymnal, “He knows the angels that you need and sends them to your side to comfort, guard, and guide."  God does know our need and graciously supplies that need.

[Warren’s P.S. #1 on using a hymn to overcome depression with God’s ever-presence as expressed by citation B3“when I awake, I am still with thee” (Ps. 139:18) as well as by Christian Science Hymnal #317:

“Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh, When the bird waketh, and the shadows flee, Fairer than morning, lovelier than the daylight, Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee.

“Alone with Thee, amid the changing shadows, Solemn the hush of nature, newly born; Alone with Thee, in breathless adoration, In the calm dew and freshness of the morn.

“So shall it ever be in the bright morning, When hearts awaking see the shadows flee, O, in that hour, and fairer than the dawning, Rises the glorious thought, I am with Thee.”]

[Warren’s P.S. # 2 on citation S9: Know yourself as God knows you to rise to the occasion!
What occasions or opportunities are demanding your best these days?
1. Hard assignments, unbelievable work load and killer deadlines?
2. Important tests or essays?
3. A big game, meet, presentation or performance?
4. Group Leadership role(s)?
5. An important social date or event?
6. A sticky situation where taking a moral or ethical stand is needed?
7. A challenging relationship that keeps testing your patience, equanimity and integrity?
8. Belittling and/or destructive thoughts about yourself or others?

Whatever opportunities you face, you can meet them as their master by obeying this powerful two-word command.
"Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil." Science & Health, 571:16 (S-9)

Know yourself as God knows you – as an ever perfect expression of "infinity, freedom, harmony and boundless bliss." (see S&H 481:3) Totally accept and simply express each of these elements of your divine identity to eradicate their illegitimate opposites. Without a body-based sense of self, you will be open for God to eliminate from your experience: all of matter's debilitating drag of limited energy, funds, intelligence, speed, inspiration; all its sapping slavery of restrictions (injuries, red tape tie-ups); all its regular rub of inharmonious relationships and its constant cloud of frustration, put-downs and unhappiness.  All gone! Never part of you or of those you love.

In the next couple of days, "your assignment, should you choose to accept it," will be to simply do your part, know yourself spiritually, and watch God do Her part, to supply you with all the wisdom and occasions where victories are wanted. You may also enjoy highlighting in every lesson all of God's jobs in one color and all of yours in another.

A friend shed new light on this passage with a one-line insight:
"ABILITY (the wisdom) and OPPORTUNITY (the occasion) are coordinate ideas."

By accepting this divine law and knowing yourself spiritually, you will never have ability without being given opportunity to express it. (No unneeded bench-sitting.) And, you'll also never be given opportunities (like the eight listed above and Rick’s with stopping poachers) without having the God-given abilities to rise to and master the occasion!]

[Warren’s P.S. #3: Cobbey Crisler’s insights on citation B10, Luke 2:25-47 about:
A) Simeon; B) Anna; and C) Jesus’ use of the rabbinical method with the rabbis:
A) Cobbey on Simeon: “It says in Verse 25 that Simeon “was waiting for the consolation of Israel… That word “consolation” is very close, the same root, as the Greek word translated “comforter” by Jesus… He says in Verse 30, ‘Mine eyes have seen thy salvation..  Verse 32 says, ‘A light to lighten the Gentiles…’”  The old prophet Simeon recognizes the Christ, even as an infant, as God’s answer to the prayers of Israel for a comforter and redeemer of all mankind.  Most Jews were praying for and expecting their liberator would be one who would militarily free Israel from occupation by foreigners.  They were looking for a political lion, but God sent them what they really needed, a non-political lamb—one who would give them lasting freedom (from the inside out)—no matter the political circumstances.  As this week’s myBibleLesson asks: “Are we always open to the solutions God provides, even when they don’t take the forms we expect?”
B) Cobbey (not in the lesson) on Anna: “In Verse 36 we find a woman, Anna, as well, not only a prophet, but a prophetess.  Luke is telling us something here.  The access to inspiration is equal.  It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. The ability to prophesy, the access to God, is direct.  The woman doesn’t have to go through anyone in order to get to God, even though the whole Judaic ecclesiastical structure was built that way.”
C) Cobbey on Jesus as a brilliant 12-year-old using the rabbinical method: “We’re told in Verse 40 that ‘The child grew and waxed strong in spirit.’ The next thing and the last thing we know and learn about Jesus in the infancy period concludes chapter 2.  Jesus is in the temple discussing with those rabbis who were schooled in every literal word of the law.  We find in Verse 46 that Jesus was not only listening to them, but he is asking them questions.  That is the rabbinical method.  Rabbis did that among themselves.  They did that with their students.  For them to hear a twelve-year old boy utilizing the rabbinical method, brilliantly dealing with Scriptural exegesis, must have fascinated them to say the least.  For three days this phenomenon was observed…" (B. Cobbey Crisler Commentary, “Luke the Researcher”, page 123-124)]

[Warren’s P.S. #4 on solemnly watching and praying for the mental wellness of having in us the mind of Christ as it was in Christ Jesus:  When we hear of successful people like Robin Williams and other dear ones committing suicide because of their inability to cope with the mental illness called depression, we can affirm for them as well as for ourselves, our families, our friends, and all that we can express the mental wellness, grace and peace that are characteristic of “the calm and exalted thought or spiritual apprehension” (S30, 506:11) that comes only as “we have the mind of Christ.” (B23, I Cor. 2:16)  The 6th and final Tenet of Christian Science (S&H 497) is based on the scriptural command to “Let that mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” (B11, Phil. 2:5).  Such a “renewing of your mind” will overcome “in all ways” the instability of “a double-minded man.” (B15, James 1:8)  Even when “the stability of thy times” (B6) and your peace are being tested and “besieged” you can have the settled equanimity of the “poor wise man” mentioned in citation B7 (Eccl. 9:14, 15) who refused to yield to discouragement and “delivered the city.” Knowing yourself as God knows you (S9 & P.S.#2), as “made in His likeness” (S8) “the likeness of God… having that Mind which was also in Christ” (S29) will make you so grateful that any devilish wedge of discouragement or of depression will be totally unable to enter your mind.  See “The Devil’s Auction” and also a timely testimony, “Depression Overcome”, on the cover of the latest (August 25, 2014) Christian Science Sentinel.]   

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