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[PSST: Pray joyfully with a nugget of inspiration! (1)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the lesson on

“Christian Science"
for Sunday, June 30th, 2019

Prepared by Amy and Tom Evans, former counselors, and big fans of CedarS

PSST for Golden Text (GT) and Responsive Reading

What is the “new song” God put in our mouths? (GT) The Responsive Reading talks about obtaining “gladness and joy”, and being comforted by God.
What does it mean to be comforted?
What does this have to do with Christian Science?

PSST for Section 1

What is the covenant that Jeremiah is talking about in citation B1?
What is the difference between the spirit and the letter?
Why does Paul say that the letter kills (B3)?
How do we make sure we are focusing on the spirit and not the letter?
What does Paul mean in his first letter to the Corinthians (B4) by praying with spirit and understanding?
What about singing with spirit and understanding?
What is the difference between understanding a spiritual Truth and living the Truth all day?
Talk about this in your own experience. Have you ever had a hymn in your thought and whistled/ hummed /sung it all day?
How about praying joyfully with a nugget of inspiration all week?
Define imperious and inviolate. How do those definitions help you understand citation S6?

PSST for Section 2

Jesus talked about the Comforter as a light in the world.
What is significant to you about citations B5 and B6?
How does the Spirit of Truth lead to the Comforter? What is this Comforter?
Do we have access to it? Is Christian Science the Comforter? (spoiler: YES!)
Citation S7 says that the Science of Christianity leads into all truth. How?
Citation S10 is a good one to memorize. “Hold perpetually this thought…”

PSST for Section 3

Jesus called the woman healed of the issue of blood "daughter". He said her faith healed her. How do these inclusive, compassionate actions demonstrate Jesus expressing the Comforter?

What does Jesus perceiving a change in the thought of the woman have to do with divine Science and the Comforter?

What other well-known healing is interrupted by this healing? (Jairus’ daughter)

Citation S15 speaks of maintaining the facts of Christian Science and holding your ground with understanding. Why does this lead to winning over the beliefs of mortal mind?

PSST for Section 4

How is the kingdom of heaven like leaven (B11)?
What is the effect of a little leaven (see S17)?
Why does Mary Baker Eddy say you only need a little understanding of Christian Science?
How is Jesus walking on the water a demonstration of divine Science?
Why does this require an understanding of the Comforter?
What does the Comforter have to do with overcoming physical laws like gravity? Look at citation S19.
What does it take to “master the infinite idea”? (S19)

PSST for Section 5

Last week’s lesson with John’s revelation of the Holy City was a preview. It included the statement "there was no more sea." The sea was often synonymous with chaos, uncertainty, and fear. Once again, the sea of doubt and fear is defeated this week with the angel's foot. Why is it so important to remove fear?
How does this help to prepare the way for the Comforter? Read citations B15 and S20.
What insights and explanations do you gain from citation S20?
Spend some time thinking through citation S22. How is “mankind [improving] through Science and Christianity”?
What is “uplifting the race”? (S22)
How is Truth an “alterative”? (S22) Define alterative. What are we making whole?

PSST for Section 6
The word “everlasting” is found three times in this lesson. First in the Responsive Reading, second in Section 1 and finally in citation B16.
What is significant about everlasting light when studying a lesson on Christian Science? Consider the message in citation B16. What stands out to you about it?
Citation S25 speaks of your fruits proving what the understanding of God brings to man.
What kinds of fruits in your experience demonstrate an understanding of the Comforter?
Isaiah 60:21 suggests that our lives and accomplishments, lived in accord with God's plan are the works of God's hands. Do you agree?
Are you following this holy lifestyle? Read citation S25.
(Teachers, you know your pupils, be sure you are not accidentally shaming students for poor life decisions, but affirming the good.) How would you answer those questions for yourself?

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