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[PCYL: Act out being a mediator (2). Learn how to respond when tempted (3).]
ossible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Christ Jesus”
for September 2, 2018

by John Biggs, CS, Maryland Heights, MO / 541.418.1176

PYCL #1: What do you think about when you think of Christ Jesus? Do you think about the paintings you've seen, or the stories from the Gospel, or the healings…? Is Christ Jesus important to you? If Jesus was right in your Sunday School class, what would you want to do? Would you like to play with him, ask him questions, just listen…? Do you have a favorite story about Jesus? If so, what makes that a favorite story? Do you feel like Jesus is a role model for you? In what ways do you try to be like him?

PYCL #2: Science and Health citation 3 talks about Jesus being a mediator. Do you know what a mediator is? says it is "a person who attempts to make people involved in a conflict come to an agreement; a go-between." In this case of Jesus being a mediator, who would be the 'people involved in a conflict'? What does this citation from SH say? Do you think 'Spirit and the flesh' come to an agreement, or what happens in that mediation? (Teachers: this might be an interesting 'skit' to let play out. Perhaps the trial allegory at the end of the chapter "Christian Science Practice" in Science and Health would be a help.)
Do you ever see yourself as a mediator? How could you follow Christ Jesus' example in this respect in your own experience?

PYCL #3: Have you ever heard the story in Bible citation 6? What do you think about it? Is it weird, interesting, irrelevant to you, instructive about anything? Have you ever been tempted before? How did you respond? How did you know whether or not the temptation was a good thing to do? Back to the Bible story: what was wrong with the temptations Jesus faced – why did he say no? Do you think there was a real devil standing there with him, talking to him? If not, what was happening there? How can Jesus' responses to those temptations help you know how to respond when you are faced with temptations?

PYCL #4: Have you ever had a healing? Do you mind sharing it? Citation 15 in Science and Health says that "Divine Truth, Life and Love gave Jesus authority over sin, sickness and death." Do you think you have that authority too? Is there a way to express that authority consistently in your life, or do you always have to be sick before you can then feel that authority? In other words, are there other places you can express that divine authority aside from physical healing – maybe finding resolution to friendship challenges or family misunderstandings? What makes you feel like you're not a healer? What supports you in thinking of yourself as a healer?

PYCL #5: Citation 20 in Science and Health is a very strong statement. What does it mean to take 'antagonistic grounds'? It sounds to me like this is asking for a consistent stand – having a standard, if you will. What are the standards you have for your life? What helps you hold to those standards? How can the example of Jesus support your efforts? Do you ever think of yourself as Jesus' disciple? If he was in your class now, what might you ask him about how you could follow him?

PYCL #6: What do you think is the point of the interchange going on in Bible citations 13 and 14? Do you ever find yourself tempted to compare yourself with others, or even just to talk about other people behind their backs? How do you show your love for your friends? Is it fair that everyone is loved by God? What about people who have been mean to you? Maybe this is another place where what we talked about in PYCL #5 could apply – how could we take antagonistic grounds against feeling bitter about other people?

Thank you, teachers, for your care for these sweet classes! Whether you have one student, ten students, students you see every day or students who live halfway across the world from you (thank you online Sunday School teachers!), your role in assuring them they are loved is a light in their lives. Thank you!

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